Best Paid iPad Apps For 2013

The year 2013 saw Apple launching several apps for its users. Some of them were free, some others were paid ones. iTunes store has a list of these apps under the title Best of 2013.  The list shows digital products which the company offers to its consumers to download for free as well as paid. It also showcases movies, books, music and is apps which users can download for free as well as purchase. Let us take a sneak peek into some of the paid apps released by Apple in 2013.

Minecraft by Mojang – Pocket edition

Talking about the best paid ipad apps for the year that went by, Minecraft by Morgan was the most popular among several apps. The game requires the player to place blocks to build things. While playing the game, the player takes part in several adventures. The pocket edition by Mojang  has several modes like a survival mode and a creative mode. It offers a multiplayer platform which can be played over a local wi-fi network. The app which is available at the App store at a price of $6.99 can be played as many times as desired.

Minecraft by Mojang – Pocket edition

Temple Run: OZ

The year 2013 saw the world playing this game like fanatics. Truly, the game was a rage among all age groups. This popular game by Imangi studios LLC is available at a price of $1.99 truly promises you hours of unlimited entertainment. The game provides players to play as a China girl where you can change your costumes according to your choice. You can play as Oz, out running the flying baboons as you run, jump and slide across the land. The best part of the game is that as you run the environment around you also changes. You can take part in weekly challenges and beat your friends in the games.

Temple Run: OZ

Minecraft: Plants Vs Zombies HD

Minecraft is another paid game app which won several awards for the best game ever played. In this game , Zombies are going to invade your home. You have to shield yourself and your family from these deadly zombies using ghoul eating zombie plants around your home. The 49 zombie eating plants will confuse, and slow down the zombies before they reach your home. The game which is by Popcap is available at $0.99. The games have multiple modes and mini games  like Zombiaquarium, Portal combat etc.

Minecraft: Plants Vs Zombies HD

Angry Birds Star Wars HD

iPad games and not to mention, Angry Birds? That is not possible. Angry birds Star Wars HD brought out by Rovio Entertainment is available at iTunes for $2.99. The game, just like other Angry birds games promises players endless hours of entertainment. Help the rebel birds to fight against their worst enemy, pig troopers and they might evil dark lord.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD

These are just some of iPad apps which are available, but the list does not end here.

Best Backup App for iPhone: Awesome Options for Users

People love the iPhone because it provides an array of applications such as alarm clock, emails, music and countless games.  Some customers also indulge in stock trading on the phones apart from managing remote access servers from the cell phone. Backing up of data has never been easy on iPhone although iTunes were available for accomplishing the task.

Since the invention of iCloud, people are able to copy information and restore it as and when required.  It is compatible with all the major operating systems including MAC and windows having their own cloud syncing solutions. The application automatically provides backup of your devices and also synchronizes different types of data such as photos, music, calendar and contacts. As far as pricing plan is concerned, it is equipped with 5 GB of data storage. However, in case of additional space, you might purchase up to 50GB of data capacity.

After purchasing iTunes, you can access them across all the iOS devices irrespective of their location. Music collection of 25000 songs could be synced by the iCloud in spite of downloading them from various sources.

Best Backup App for iPhone: Awesome Options for Users

Best backup app for iPhone also incorporates zip cloud which is tailor made for the Apple users. It is elegant with an easy user interface so that even laymen could operate. Product boasts of stupendous quality, therefore the company provides a one year money back guarantee in case of defects. Data is backed on Amazon S3 equipped with a complex grid infrastructure to provide security. Signing up is an easy procedure because the user requires only password, email and the name. People availing the services of zip cloud application can utilize 14 day trial on different plans.

SOS online backup offers amazing features like the face book backup on the iPhone and MAC support along with a very high download speed.  Capped data storage is available nevertheless information from more than 5 computers could be accommodated without any problem.  All the videos, contacts, images and wall posts on the IOS could be copied without any problem. SOS is endowed with a 3 tier encryption system which secures data while storing, transferring and copying it to the data center. A video tutorial, knowledge base and lively community forum are available to the users for guidance, apart from live chat to resolve the issues. Purchasing an account is an easy job because you need to enter your name, address and the credit card details.

PKGBACKUP is a versatile solution for storing the jail break gaming data on IOS apart from the usual back up of SMS and email settings. It can also work with other applications like Drop box to create an efficient backup of the data. Drop box offers data syncing services with amazing simplicity and helps people to access files with a vast range of devices. One of the best attributes of the application is cross platform availability. Sharing data is a breeze since it is accomplished via a public link or it can also be accessed privately by the drop box users.

Best Bingo Games for Android Users

Bingo, one of the most played game all around the world has also entered intothe tech world. The era belongs to computer games and online games and Bingo is not far from its companions. Now you can easily play Bingo online as well. Be it an android device or an iPhone. Bingo apps are easy to access. If you are a big bingo fan and love to play it during leisure, then installing the Bingo apps on your mobile phone is a good idea.

The online gaming world offersa huge number of alternatives to its users. You can play it on TV, internet, and now on your mobile too. Explore any mobile app store and find the Bingo app of your choice. Download it for free and enjoy gaming.

Here are some of the best bingo games for android users.

Bingo Heaven: Free Bingo Game

Designed by Super Lucky Casino, the makers of popular Vegas style casino games, the app works perfectly well with the Android 2.2 and above

Bingo Heaven: Free Bingo Game


Best New Bingo Game

If you are a die-hard bingo fan then this app is just for you. Download it and a keep close watchover best bingo games available on the goggle play Store. The app will update you regardingevery new entry related to Bingo game and you will be the first to know. Now you don’t have to filter hundreds of apps and games, find the right one in a moment and start playing.

Best New Bingo Game


Bingo Bash: Free Bingo Casino

One of the most popular Bingo game is now available for androids well.  Play it with your friend’s and family and win exciting games and wild power ups. The key features of this app are:

  • It can be played with multiplayer
  • Play at your pace
  • It offers lots of freebies, gems and collections
  • Chat with your friends while playing and give your best for maximum collectibles and victory.

Now your favorite game is in your pocket, play Bingo on your Android device and grab goodies!!

Bingo Bash: Free Bingo Casino


Wild Bingo: Free Bingo with Slot

A product of Dragonplay you can now play Bingo in real time with your online friends. The game has lots of prizes, bonus spots, gift spots and power-ups for the players. Now you can enjoy the fun of Vegas on your mobile phone. Play game with oater enthusiast from all over the world and double the fun and excitement.

Wild Bingo: Free Bingo with Slot


Monopoly Bingo

Designed to take your breath away, this Bingo app has placed the online bingo game in the next level. The rich graphics, coins and gifts make it highly exciting for the players. Install it today and play Bingo online.

Monopoly Bingo


So the next time you are traveling or wish toexplorea new game on your mobile phone, try these latest Bingo apps and enjoy gaming.

Best iPad Apps Alarm Clocks For Deep Sleepers

In today’ s busy world, where one has to keep track of time, alarm clocks are a must. No matter whether you are a student  who has to get up early in the morning for pursuing studies or a busy executive who has to finish a project for the office, an alarm clock is a mustfor people working towards deadlines. One should choose an alarm clock depending on the needs and requirements of the individual. For example a deep sleeper may need a loud alarm clock, while a  person who is easily awake can settle for a milder tone.

Today, technological advancements have enabled alarm clocks right into our smart phones  and devices. So users can download apps like alarm clock apps so that they can wake up on time. If you are a deep sleeper and you too would like to try out some alarm clock apps, here is a list:

Alarm Clock app in Ipad

For those who are not interested in graphics and animations, here is an  app which is available to iPad users known as Alarm Clock. The screen just shows a large digital clock. If you are one of those who do not like whistles and shrill sounds, then this app is the best one for you. You can also display your current location and weather on the screen.

Alarm Clock app in Ipad

The alarm clock app also has additional features like a snooze function and sound function. Here you can choose your favorite sounds like the sound of a cuckoo,school bell, and several others to choose from. So try out this app and wake up with fresh energy.

Amazing Waku free app

If you are among those who love graphics, then Waku free i s something which you would surely love to download. An quirky alarm app that can be easily used for both iPad and iPhone have specail sound effects . The USP of this app are the funny tunes. Moreover , it allows you to use the music and the sounds already present in the iPad. It is free and can be downloaded at the app store. It has a bright screen with a switch option so that you can dim it whenever you want to.

Amazing Waku free app

Have a beautiful sleep with Good Nite app

Yet another appealing alarm clock app with a green background. The background color is soothing and wakes you feeling  fresh . This free app helps you to change the fonts, background color as well as font colors. The app which is absolutely free also provides options for the users to change the background.

Have a beautiful sleep with Good Nite app

So try out these free apps for alarm clocks and wake up every day with renewed energy .

Best Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

At the end of 2013, 1.75 billion people around the world were using Mobile apps. There are innumerable apps in use worldwide. According to the study a day will come when the total numbers of apps are equal of the total numbers people present in the world. Everyone will have an app of their own. The two most popular app stores  are: Google Play and Apple App Store.

Google Play is a store for apps that are running on Android devices. Google Play has over 8, 00,000 apps available on it. Apple apps is the storehouse of 8,50,000 apps for Apple devices. In terms of ranking, Apple is still ahead of Google, although the competition is fierce.

The following is a list of some of the best apps available through these stores:

1. Run Keeper

Run Keeper for iPhones is an application that allows you to track your own route. User can find cycling and driving routes by this application that doubles up as a mobile GPS. If you are jogging, the application also examines your speed and reports the calories burned.

Run Keeper

2. Find My Friends

This social network-like application locates family, relatives and close friends and can be installed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is available for free in the Apple app store.

Find My Friends

3. Hoot Suite

This free Android application from Google Play is designed to provide all the facilities of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social networking sites in one app. This app can be used to personal as well as business purposes.

Hoot Suite

4. Healthy Recipes – Spark Recipes

This app acts as a Health Adviser by monitoring diet and gives users some of the best low calorie recipes. This android app is available for free on Google Play and provides detailed nutritional information for each recipe.

Healthy Recipes – Spark Recipes

5. Green Kitchen

This iPhone and iPad application is designed to help women in find healthy, purely vegetarian recipes. The developer regularly releases upgrades that offer new recipes, some of which can be purchased at a premium. The app costs $4.99 on iTunes.

Green Kitchen

6. iCancer: Tracking Cancer

This app is a cancer tracker and gives users advice for cancer management. It has a tracker for side effects, doctor appointments, maintains treatments logs and graphs of lab report. User can download the app from Apple app store for as little as $3.


7. Carb Counting With Lenny: Check Sugar Level

This is an Android application designed to help diabetes patients in keeping track of their carbohydrate and sugar level to manage diabetes. The application helps to maintain diet, meals and a healthy blood sugar level. This application is divided into two parts: Lenny’s Food Guide and Lenny’s Cub games. The app is available free at the Google Play store.

Carb Counting With Lenny

Light it Up with your Smartphone

Revolutionizing the way people interact with light, the Bluetooth bulb application lets you control the light around you. All you have to do is buy a Bluetooth-enabled bulb and download the app to control it. Currently on offer by brand Lumen, the bulb comes with an aluminum body with a plastic cover. With a not-so-different look as compared to regular bulbs, this one, just like the regular bulbs does not require any luxury wiring or electric connections and can be used the same way as the other bulbs.

Light it Up with your SmartphoneFeatures

Coming to the features, by default, the bulb gives white light. Pair it with your iOS app and you can change the color of the bulb instantly. This revolutionizing app has over 1 million color choices for you to illuminate along with a transition button that cycles through all the available colors.


Nothing is perfect. On the flip side, this super bulb is not that bright as you would expect it to be. Even when you turn on the brightest color, it will not be able to replace your regular reading lamp. Another drawback is that the bulb goes back to the original white color whenever you turn it on the next time.

Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement as far as the pairing of this bulb goes with the Bluetooth device, but still no one can deny that this dynamic product is awesome for mood lighting’s.


Which 2013 Smartphone is the Best for Gaming?

It used to be that your mobile phone was strictly used for making calls. However, today’s smartphones are definitely a step ahead. These phones have been designed so that they can perform many of the same functions as a personal computer. One of the top uses for these phones is for gaming. However, not all smartphones work as well for gaming applications. For this reason, it is important to know which smartphones are better for gaming.

iPhone – Best for Gaming Enthusiasts

iPhone usually tops the list for an ideal gaming phone and the current model, iPhone 5S is no exception. The latest smartphone by Apple is loaded with more features than in any other iPhone model. One feature of this phone that can helpful to gamers is the fingerprint scanner button. This newly designed home button only lets the phone unlock with the owner’s fingerprint. This means you do not need to worry about others discovering your passcode and accessing your device. For those who play casino games, this can be helpful as they often play for real money. Upping the phone’s security protects one’s information and bank roll.

Specifications for High Speed Gaming

The processor found in the iPhone 5S is a newly designed one. The 64-bit A7 processor was a needed upgrade to accommodate the fingerprint reader. What this means for gamers is an even more responsive phone with fewer delays. Games can start up and run rather quickly. Apps launch faster than ever and web pages do as well. To further illustrate the importance of this upgrade, some independent reviewers performed benchmark tests comparing the iPhone 5S with the previous model, the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S completed its test in just 417 milliseconds while the iPhone 5, took almost twice as long at 721 milliseconds. If you are a gamer and have been contemplating if the upgrade is for you, the answer is a resounding yes.

Google Glass: Explore the World in a Different Way!!

More surprises are coming from the technology world for a common man. The modern technology, especially advancement in IT and gadget world has created a new world. A world that once existed in fantasy has now turned into reality. The fast-growing world of gadgets keeps people busy in speculating what is coming next.

Earlier it was desktop, then laptop. Smartphone and tab. Today, data and information can be stored on a variety of smart devices apart from the quintessential computer.

Google Glass: Explore the World in a Different Way!!IT pioneers Goggle, do not want to dishearten their fans and the launch of Google Glass is just another attempt to astonish the users.

Technical Specifications

Google glass has camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames, wear your Google glass and fetch data, information easily, take pictures anytime anywhere. There is 16GB of flash memory built into the device, with 12GB available for user storage. The device syncs to Google Drive while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are built in.

Apps for Google Glass

Browse app stores online for Google Goggle and My Glass for iOS. Download it from authentic sources and get ready to explore wonderful features of this happening app. Android users need to install “MyGlassCompanion” app to take full advantage of its features that an iOS users will going to miss out. The biggest advantage of using an Android device is the fact that a tethering plan is no longer required to use Glass when Wi-Fi isn’t available. It definitely makes android a better companion of Google Glass.

Applications of Google Glass

Here are some ways that Google Glass can help you in your daily chores:

  • Get product information by scanning barcode
  • Scan QR code to get complete contact information
  • Mark famous landmarks
  • Easy translation, just take a picture of foreign language text and get in translated in your language
  • Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
  • Scan text easily with  Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Recognize paintings, books, DVDs, CDs, and just about any 2D image
  • Play Sudoku puzzles
  • Find similar products
  • An ideal partner for those who often forget the where they have put things.

Installing Google Glass on an Android Device

If you are new to Google Glass then you must be curious about its installation and functioning on android devices. Explore Google Play store to find a Google Glass app for your smartphone. Install three APK files and you will get a new launcher on your device called glass home. Once the app is installed you can see the GUI on your device screen.

Google Glass works as a visual search engine for the users. Scan QR code, take pictures, and locate places on the map easily. The app works well with Android as well as with IOS device, though the chemistry between Google and has taken time to gel well. Install latest upgraded version of Google Glass from time to time and get ready to explore the world in a different way.

Top 5 Oracles Apps For Android Device

Increase the efficiency of your Smartphone with top notch apps. Install apps created by software giants like Oracle and turn your mobile phone into a valuable device. It won’t be exaggerating to call apps the lifeline of a Smartphone. Browse mobile app stores and find well-designed, smart and highly useful Oracle apps for your Android Phones.

Here are 5 top Oracle apps for Android

1. Oracle Tap

Stay connected with your work team any time with Oracle Tap. One of the finest oracle application, it is designed for organizations. It allowed secure and easy access to the oracle application cloud for human capital management.

Features of this app include:

  • Optimized layouts and smooth navigation
  • The app supports better flow of communication
  • Easy access to employee information
  • To install the app on your device you will need active oracle cloud application account.

Oracle Tap


2. Oracle Now

Love to hear about us? Get Oracle Now installed on your Android Smartphone and be the first to hear about our development, releases, mergers, acquisitions and other events. The customizable filter allows user to find the news of specific to your interest.

Oracle Now

Download the software from here

3. Oracle Virtual Desktop Client

This absolutely free app can bring desirable balance in your office and personal life. One of the finest apps developed for the mobile users. It allows secure access to your virtual windows Oracle Linux, and Oracle Solaris desktops and applications.

The app ideally allows the user to work from anywhere. It increases productivity and flexibility in work schedule.

Keep your sensitive data safety at a centralized data center and access it easily.

Like all other Oracle apps, this one also supports broadest choice of platforms for greatest flexibility of accessing desktops and applications running on various platforms including Windows, Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client

Get it for free from

4. Oracle Social Network

The future belongs to social networking. We at Oracle understand the role of social networking and its scope, future of your business. Get this highly efficient app specially designed for entrepreneurs on your Android device for free and explore the power of HCM and CRM for the future of your business.

The proper use of the app can bring positive result in production and revenue earning. It is easy to use and support lots of functionality. To learn more about this application install it on your Android device today.

Oracle Social Network

Find it for free at

5. Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

Perfectly designed for entrepreneur the oracle sales cloud mobile apps allow real-time and secure access to CRM data via oracle sales cloud. They provide access to sales information right on Android smart phones and tablets.

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

Find this wonderful app for your Android device at – INSTALL

Specially designed for entrepreneurs and organizations, these Oracle apps designed for administration and management can make your life simpler. The trust of the oracle and flexibility of android platform makes a perfect combination of the users.  Choose apps that make you organized.

Best Pregnancy Apps Compatible With iPhone and Android 2013

There are numerous pregnancy apps available on mobiles to track your pregnancy. They will track your baby’s development record and how your baby grows by capturing detailed images. These apps also give you the full information, advices and tips for you. These are for fun and don’t rely on pregnancy apps without consulting your midwife or doctor. Here are some best pregnancy apps.



Install For iTunes

It is an iPhone and iPad app. This is the most stunning appin providing detailed imagesfor each week of pregnancy. It gives the 3D images with detailed information from the womb. You can hear the heartbeat of your baby. It is a free app with a calendar that can be customized according to your due date, baby’s name and gender.

Period tracker:

This app is free for iPhone and android mobiles.This app tracks your ovulation cycles and periods every month with just pressing a button on your mobile. The period tracker also tracks your moods and symptoms like body aches, acne and cramps by date.

Period tracker iphone

Install For iTunes | Install For Android

Peaceful nursery:

ThisiPhoneapp helps you in providing shopping list to eco-friendly nursery. Peaceful nursery app also gives you information about organic cotton crib sheets, organic cotton matters and other. This app also gives information and tips on how to give a healthier home to your baby.

Peaceful nursery

Install For iTunes


iBirthwillassistyou as trustworthy and graceful source when you are about to deliver your baby. This app has come up with free version as well as full version called contraction Timer Plus. This full version app gives you videos to prepare for labor. This app is suitable for Andriod devices, iPhone, and iPad.


Install For iTunes | Install For Android

Fertility friend mobile:

Fertility friend mobile is very helpful and convenient companion for women who are expecting pregnancy. This helps you to monitor your fertility, period and ovulation days. It offers various educational resources to give you the knowledge you need to feel, confident and empowered. It is free for iPhone and Android devices.

Fertility friend mobile

Install For iTunes | Install For Android


This app helps you to track your frequency and timing of contractions. Just keep icontraction with you when you are approaching your due date. You could track, countdown your due date and even email those track records to your physician. This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch.


Install For iTunes

My Baby’s beat:

With this app you can record your baby’s heartbeat. Just keep your phone close to your belly and listen his or her heartbeat and record it. To get better sound qualities follow the instructions. When you hold your phone close to abdomen, turn your phone to airplane mode in order to avoid transmission of internet waves. It is compatible with iPhone.

My Baby’s beat

Install For iTunes

Foods to avoid when pregnant:

Pregnancy is a challenge especially in terms of food or shopping. You have to plan your diet daily in respect of calories. Make your menu as easy as fast and simple check of your iPhone. The Food to avoid when pregnant app can clearly categorizes drinks and foods by type. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Foods to avoid when pregnant

Install For iTunes


It is free from iTunes. Baby bump pregnancy app gives you what symptoms you are feeling and when. This app helps you to connect with community message boards which offer group discussions on each and every topic.


Install For iTunes | Install For Android

Kindara fertility:

This app helps you to track your menstrual and ovulation cycles. It also helps you to record your body’s temperature because body temperature tends to rise a bit during ovulating and also OPK results, moods, pain levels and spotting.

Kindara fertility

Install For iTunes