10 Useful Travel Apps


Here is a list of 10 useful travel apps for avid travelers that help in making their tours more memorable.

People go on a vacation to have a nice time but tours could be disasters or memorable depending upon the convenience or inconvenience faced by the travelers. The innovation of smart phones opened the gates for development of applications that assist in both regular and occasional affairs of life. 10 useful travel apps for domestic or international tours have been listed here for convenience.

XE Currency

Currency exchange is an unavoidable requirement during foreign tours. With XE Currency travellers would always know the exchange rates and thus manage their expenditure. It is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone.

XE Currency Travel App


Google Translate

It supports translation between 65 languages. The audio for translation is available in 40 languages. Besides, detection and translation of verbal words or statements is also supported for 17 languages. Moreover, respective speakers of 14 different languages can communicate with each other through speech-speech translation in Conversion Mode. It is available for Android and iOS.

Google Translate app


Wi-Fi Finder

Connectivity is crucial for online applications but is also expensive during international tours. Wi-Fi Finder of Ji-Wire resolves the issue by its Wi-Fi searching capability.

Wi-Fi Finder app


Hear Planet

Unlike other digital travel-guides, Hear Planet tracks the users’ position through GPS and provides audio information about the locations. Its price is $3.99 and is available for Android and iOS.

Hear Planet app


Google Maps

This indeed is useful for both domestic and international travels. Google Maps is considered among the few most reliable and efficient and useful travel apps.

Google Maps app


Living Earth

Weather cannot be ignored during travelling. Unlike other useful travel apps for weather, Living Earth provides pictorial view of the entire Earth with weather report of the specific location. Besides, weather forecast for the entire week is also provided by this application.

living earth app


Street View

Google provides Street View for Google Maps and Google Earth. This application provides a panoramic view of the entire locality along with its streets and buildings. It is very helpful for navigation.

Street View app


Flight Track Pro

Travelers need to track their flight plans and schedules. Flight Track Pro provides current updates about 5,000 airports and 1400 airlines. It can also be used offline. It is available for iOS for $10 and for Android and BlackBerry for $5.

Flight Track Pro app


Cab 4 Me

Users can get contact numbers and locations of nearest cab agencies and subsequently pay and book services. Though it may face troubles in rural areas, it can be sworn by its name for cities and towns.

Cab 4 Me app


Train Travel

This application keeps its users updated about train schedules. Though it works for selected countries, it is quite necessary to have on Smart phones.

Train Travel app


These 10 useful travel apps ensure that basic and immediate concerns of travelers are aptly dealt with utmost convenience.


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