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Android, for those who have less information about it, is the operating system that was specifically developed for mobile phones. It stormed the world of smart phones with its innovative and creative apps. The spread and popularity of Android has been remarkable, especially, when an OS as efficient as Windows is still in the market. With Android being the pre-installed OS of most of the latest mobiles and smart phones, the number of free Android applications and android apps free download is increasing day by day.

According a rough estimation, there are around 500,000 Android applications available in the market with most of them being free to download and use. The flexibility in the usage and utility of these applications has magnified by their capability to run equally efficiently on tablets too. This has accelerated android apps free download by users of Android.

Android apps Free Download

If android apps free download is checked keenly, one would find that some applications are downloaded far more than others. Among these much-downloaded free applications, Adobe, Google and Facebook products lead ahead of all. In the Games section, Angry Birds of Rovio Mobile is a hit among Android users. Apart from these, TV and video application are also among the leaders.

For every person whose work involves reading of downloaded articles or documents, Adobe Reader application for Android is a boon. This application allows users to continue with their work without any necessity to have a computer. Similarly, Gmail and Google Maps are too helpful not to have on Android phone. While Gmail facilitates communication Google Maps assist to find a location. The latter also comes with voice search and GPS that further enhance location search.

On the more social front Facebook, Skype, Pandora internet radio, WhatsApp Messenger, Twitter apps, etc. lead the android apps free download. Social media applications like that of Facebook or Twitter are optimised versions for Android and are tough to distinct from original ones. Skype can be used for inexpensive VoIP calls which are free in cases where the other user also uses Skype. Moreover, YouTube is among the most downloaded too. Besides, YouTube, IMDb applications are also a hit for movies and TV shows. Thus, free applications for Android are available for almost all usual, regular and general activities of daily life.

When it’s said that free Android applications are downloaded in huge numbers it means they are downloaded in millions. Applications with less than a million download are rarely discussed. Even the applications that trail in the world of Android apps are also downloaded in millions. Such is the extent of popularity to which Android has reached.


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