4 Top Audio Blogging Apps


Audio Blogging is one of the trending avenues which are being explored. The Audio Blogging Apps listed below would certainly help the bloggers in experimenting and making the most use of it while blogging. Audio Blogging apps are one of the recent additions to the world of blogging. They can be used by people for recording audio clips and uploading them online. With these available in the smartphones, the process of recording and uploading them instantly becomes much easier. The days of recording, uploading on systems and then on a website are now over. Some of the few apps which are available in the market today have been discussed below:

1. AudioBoo

Probably the best in the lot for the iPhone users, this app can record clips and facilitate in instant upload to a website. The app can also be used for recording a place on the map where the audio is being recorded. Some might debate that it is somewhat an audio version of Twitter rather than being a blog.

AudioBoo App


2. Chirbit

It is another iOS app which is known as an instant audio recorder. It has been created by Wim de Nood and comes with some exceptional features. The app facilitates capturing of audio and sharing it over Chirbit or even Twitter. The interface of this app has been kept very simple which makes its usage much simpler than some of the other apps available for this very purpose. It comes with an audio player and supports usage of chirbit’s private account which requires login credentials before being used.

Chirbit App


3. HipCast

Use this app on your iPhone, iPod or even iPad for recording and uploading your audios. The app can be used for uploading audios on most of the famous blogging and social media websites. It also supports podcasting and some of the popular CMS namely: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Expression engine.

HipCast App


4. Ipadio

This app has been developed especially for the Android users. The tool is pretty clever in its functionalities, which allow the user in streaming live audios on their websites. It supports pre-recording of clips for about 60 minutes. The app allows some other typical blogging features as well like people can add more than 4 photos from their phones, use the geo-locating features for their calls and integrate with social networking sites.

Ipadio App


All these apps make the process of audio blogging much easier while helping the constant bloggers to use their smartphones for recording and sharing their own audios with ease.


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