Top 5 Battery Saver Android Apps


Nowadays smartphones come with latest different features like Gmail, Gchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. But these features take up a lot of battery life, even when they are running in the background. To overcome this problem, here are top 5 battery saver android apps to manage the unwanted background apps and to save the battery life for later use.

1. Battery Dr Saver and Task Killer

Here comes the best battery saver android app, which can be installed for free from Google play. It will help you to kill tasks quickly and reset your phone easily.

Battery Dr Saver and Task Killer App

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2. Battery Saver

This extremely easy 5-in-1 app is one of the best apps available in the market.


  • Battery Info
  • Charge Alarm Function
  • One-Touch Task Killer
  • Settings optimizer
  • App Uninstaller

Battery Saver App

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3. Battery by Macropinch

It’s another battery saver app, and it can be downloaded for free.


  • Displays battery information in percent (%)
  • Supports the new lock screen widget introduced in Android 4.2
  • Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 1.5 to Android 4.2
  • Full support for all known screen resolutions
  • Power source indicator
  • The precise battery level is displayed in 1% increments

Battery by Macropinch App

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4.2x Battery – Battery Saver

It’s very good app and has garnered good customer feedbacks. Another good thing about this app is that it is free.


  • Manages Internet connection intelligently in the background
  • Ensures data transmission completeness by keeping the Internet connection up until the transmission is finished
  • Supports night mode (PRO-only)
  • Supports whitelist. Don’t disconnect the connection when whitelisted apps are running
  • Automatically turns off the screen when you put the phone upside down on the table
  • Has build-in screen filter to further reduce the screen brightness for saving battery
  • Supports fully charged notification and low battery warning
  • Battery icon theme is changeable
  • Gives option to keep connection when charging or tethering
  • Has option to not enable mobile data when screen is unlocked
  • Respects system settings
  • Plays sound whenever the screen is turned on or off
  • Displays home screen widgets
  • Displays battery usage and time since last unplugged, estimated battery run out time, battery health status, voltage, temperature, etc.

2x Battery – Battery Saver App

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5. Battery Doctor

It’s an awesome app with one tap power saving feature.


1. One-tap Power Saving

Optimizes battery with simple one click!

2. Predicts Battery Power Availability

Displays the power available for free time usage (accurate to minute) depending on the device.

3. Fully Recharging

When the battery power is below 20%, run Battery Doctor and plug in the charger, it can then help in maintaining your android device automatically during charging.

4. Adjusts Settings Automatically

You can turn on/off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, data or other battery draining components with a simple click to maximize the power duration. There is also a switch widget which makes the adjusting part easier.

5. Power-saving tips

Provides dozens of power-saving and maintenance tips. Life-span of battery can be extended a lot if it is properly maintained.

Battery Doctor App

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6. Completely Free

There is no need to buy any other paid battery saver app.

7. Full charging logs

All charging activities will be logged for your reference.

8. Task Killer Shortcut

A task killer comes with new battery doctor with which you can kill the battery hogging apps.

9. Power Consumption

Easily finds out which app consumes your power usage most.

10. Whitelist

Whitelists the apps which you would like to keep during the battery optimization.

11. Custom Mode

3 pre-made saving modes along with schedule feature, you can also custom your own saving mode.


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