Best android apps 2012


Android, the operating system that is developed for smart phones, tablets, etc. has become ubiquitous today. While it is undeniable that Android is an OS that is loaded with amazing features, the development and availability of free applications for Android in abundance has further popularised this OS is equally true. Today, there are around 500,000 applications available for Android. Enthusiasts would definitely like to know about some of the best among these applications. Here are some applications mentioned that have created a frenzy among users.

Among the social media applications Facebook for Android, Google+ and Instagram are a few of the many that have gained exceptional users’ attention. While Google+ and Facebook must be familiar to most, Instagram allows putting of unpretentious filters on uninteresting photos and share them on social sites. Pinterest, Lightbox Photos, Plume, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. also top the list.

Best android apps 2012

On the organisational front there are some names that have outperformed others. Bump, to begin with, allows users to share photos, applications, contacts, etc. by just tapping their phones with each other. Box, Pageonce, Evernote, Catch, etc. are some cloud technology-based applications for data storage, access and retrieval. However, it has to be said that even applications that are not getting mentioned here are downloaded for Android in millions.

Phones are symbols of communication and for Android users there are some fantastic communication applications like Google voice, Skype, Oovoo, etc. available. Google Voice and Oovoo facilitate both calls as well as messages, while Skype is for calling as well as chatting. There are several message service applications, IMO Instant Messenger, Go SMS Pro, ICQ Mobile, WhatsApp Messenger to name a few, too.

Android applications discussion is never complete unless the games are mentioned comprehensively. Whenever, Android games are discussed, Angry Birds has to be on top. Besides, Symphony of Eternity, Temple Run, etc. have good ratings too. Among the rest, to mention a few, Amazing Alex, Bejeweled 2, Cut the Rope, Draw Something Free, Guns ‘n’ Glory, Gurk, Minecraft, Pinball Arcade, What the Doodle?, X Construction, etc. lead the Android games ladder.

Pandora Internet, Slacker, Stitcher, etc. are some Android radio applications. There are high quality movies and videos applications available too. DeadBeef player, Netfix, Movies, etc. allow movies and videos downloads.

These are very few of the best Android apps 2012. However, the extent of Android applications can be understood from the fact that there are around 500,000 of them available and to comment on each is not possible for anyone.


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