Give Your Tablet a Treat of the Latest Technology with the Best Android Apps for Tablets


Android is the world’s most popular platform for mobile. It is blooming at a great pace. Millions of people worldwide are using mobiles and tablets powered by this operating system and the number of users is increasing day by day. With Android, one can use all the Google applications he loves, along with that there are more than 600,000 games available on Google Play to keep us entertained. Millions of songs and books and a huge collection of movie are also available.

Android devices are smart, and will get smarter in coming days with new features. One can’t find this on any other platform. In 2007 people were disappointed about that fact that Google was only releasing an open source mobile operating system rather than a Smartphone of its own design. In less than three years Android has become one of the main players in the mobile operating system market. And finally Google launched its own phone.

Best Android Apps for Tablets

Today millions of people are availing the benefits of Android. One of the best features of this OS is that it provides a good platform to develop games and applications for the newcomers and for those who are quite interested in Android programming.

Best Android Apps for Tablets

The tablets powered by Android Operating System are quite ahead of its competitors. There are many Android applications for tablets. From the big bag some are very popular among people. They are Pizza express,, Quora, White house, Zara, Gojee etc. Foneclay is an Android application which is known to be the best a customizable Amartphone operating system. Through its own widgets and third-party applications, Foneclay is the latest example of promising dynamics. It’s a more fun take on the phone-customization applications genre with Google Play screen shots and yellow monsters.

Vibease, chat and vibrator is of more fun than any other platform. It promises soothing sound and customizable rhythm. Some of the widely used and best Android apps for tablets are discussed:

  • U torrent beta: It is the beta Android client for u torrent, a client of BitTorrent. It aims at making the downloading of the torrents easy in the tablet.
  • Telly: It works as a social video player. Shoot a video, add music and share it on any social site and Telly will help in doing all these things.
  • Radiowalla: India’s online radio service launched this official Android app for selected streaming in music, sports, talks etc.
  • Hollywood Reporter: Just the substitute of any Hollywood magazine, one can find all the hips and happenings of Hollywood through this app.
  • Blue Badge Style: It is aimed to be a guide for a less able style. It gives the location-based information about bars, restaurants, cafes etc. and also tells us about how accessible they are.

These are only some of the examples out of a large collection of best Android apps for Tablets. They are enjoyable to each and every user.


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