Best Android Games 2012


Android has stormed the world of mobile phones. It will not be an over-statement to say that the number of people who preferably choose other operating systems than Android is less. Features of Android operating system, definitely has the most significant role to play in its success. However, among the other factors that have tremendously helped Android’s popularity, games do deserve a mention.

The vast numbers of games, both free and paid, that are available for the users of Android make them addictive to this OS. There are games in even HD (high definition) resolution. As several new games get introduced every month, mention or description of each of them is almost impossible. Still, there are a few games specified hereunder which have been most liked by Android users.

Angry Birds – If Android is popular then Angry Birds is synonymous to it. With more 2 million downloads in the first week of its release, Angry Birds is challenging, free and extremely interesting.

angry-birdsNewton – This might have something for the nerds. The game involves shooting a target in the presence of bender, mirrors, pullers, pushers and traps. Presently the game is free but might cost something in future when the developers finish the addition of levels.


0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards – This indeed is an educative game for toddlers. The game displays flash cards representing numbers from 0-10 as well as figures to count. The game also facilitates voice record as a personalisation effect.

0-10-Numbers-Baby-Flash-CardsWhere’s My Water – Physics game that tests kids’ analytical skills. In the game, the player has to make water available for the alligator to bathe. However, there are different physics puzzles that have to be cracked to allow passage of water for the alligator.

Where’s-My-Water-android-gameDeath Rally – Most racers must be familiar with the term ‘Death Rally’. The game, as it name suggests, has races filled action, weapons and blasts.

death-rally-android-gameBirds On A Wire – A kind of bubble shooter game where players have to launch birds of a particular colour on the group of birds of the same colour to release them from the trap. Misjudged shot increases the number of trapped birds. The game has overwhelming 50 different levels.

birds-on-a-wire-android-gameBMX Boy – It is a game where user has to cycle through various hurdles and actions that the game offers. It is a simple yet interesting game with 90 levels of difficulties.

bmx-boy-android-gameThe Avengers – Hollywood movies enthusiasts know what The Avengers is about. True to its name, it is an action-packed game and has been released in episodic format, the first episode being The Hulk.


As the features of Android are too many to mention in brief, so are the number of good games for Android. Those mentioned above are few of the top-rated games specified to hint at the variety of games available for this OS.


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