Best Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices


At the end of 2013, 1.75 billion people around the world were using Mobile apps. There are innumerable apps in use worldwide. According to the study a day will come when the total numbers of apps are equal of the total numbers people present in the world. Everyone will have an app of their own. The two most popular app stores  are: Google Play and Apple App Store.

Google Play is a store for apps that are running on Android devices. Google Play has over 8, 00,000 apps available on it. Apple apps is the storehouse of 8,50,000 apps for Apple devices. In terms of ranking, Apple is still ahead of Google, although the competition is fierce.

The following is a list of some of the best apps available through these stores:

1. Run Keeper

Run Keeper for iPhones is an application that allows you to track your own route. User can find cycling and driving routes by this application that doubles up as a mobile GPS. If you are jogging, the application also examines your speed and reports the calories burned.

2. Find My Friends

This social network-like application locates family, relatives and close friends and can be installed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is available for free in the Apple app store.

3. Hoot Suite

This free Android application from Google Play is designed to provide all the facilities of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social networking sites in one app. This app can be used to personal as well as business purposes.

4. Healthy Recipes – Spark Recipes

This app acts as a Health Adviser by monitoring diet and gives users some of the best low calorie recipes. This android app is available for free on Google Play and provides detailed nutritional information for each recipe.

5. Green Kitchen

This iPhone and iPad application is designed to help women in find healthy, purely vegetarian recipes. The developer regularly releases upgrades that offer new recipes, some of which can be purchased at a premium. The app costs $4.99 on iTunes.

6. iCancer: Tracking Cancer

This app is a cancer tracker and gives users advice for cancer management. It has a tracker for side effects, doctor appointments, maintains treatments logs and graphs of lab report. User can download the app from Apple app store for as little as $3.

7. Carb Counting With Lenny: Check Sugar Level

This is an Android application designed to help diabetes patients in keeping track of their carbohydrate and sugar level to manage diabetes. The application helps to maintain diet, meals and a healthy blood sugar level. This application is divided into two parts: Lenny’s Food Guide and Lenny’s Cub games. The app is available free at the Google Play store.


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