List the Top 6 Best Apps to Find Black Friday Sales


November 23rd is the date for this year’s Black Friday deals. If you are equipped and ready with your tents and sleeping bags, may we suggest you arm yourself with the top 6 best apps to find Black Friday sales? These apps will pinpoint the right deals for you and much more; read on.

Best apps for Black Friday

1. Deals Plus

Deals Plus is a premium free app that gives you details of deals on gadgets and electronic items, store-specific deals and even online deals trending on that day. Brought to you by, the information is targeted at gadget lovers and makes sure this is the only app consumers in this segment would need on this day.

2. Black Friday Ads 2018

Another one from the, this app is more generic and gives you a break up of all deals from all categories. Again, it includes store-specific deals on trending items that you want to grab before it is gone. Available for download on Appstore as well.

3. ShopSavvy

Shopsavvy is a unique app that allows you to scan the barcode of a product to directly compare online and store prices in one go. The app also boasts of a large database of products, prices and the retailers offering discounts. This is a must-have shopping app for this Black Friday to crackdown on the best deals around.

4. Shopular

On the same lines as ShopSavvy is Shopular. Their USP is that, you can sign up for their notifications on specific products and get the news before anyone else. You also get to sign up for the community of shoppers and interact with them via the app for tips and tricks. Watch out for their coupons and special discounts that you can redeem right from your phone.

5. Flipp

Flipp is your go to app for all notifications on this year’s Black Friday deals.  You receive notifications on your phone, to help plan your shopping and save more too. You can search by categories, trends and create a shopping list ahead of time. It helps combine coupons to give you stackable savings.

6. Deal News

Apart from scouting for the best deals, the Deal News app sends you the latest news on the hottest Black Friday deals. It allows you to save your searches on the phone and make purchases from your laptop or desktop. Additional features include: coupons, sharing news and free expert advice too!


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