Best Outdoor iPhone Apps for Alfresco Adventurers


Smart phone applications make them versatile and useful under all circumstances.  While there are hundreds of applications for adventurers, only few can be considered as the best outdoor iPhone apps. A critical selection of some of the best outdoor iPhone apps has been discussed and brief description has also been provided here under.

1. Survival Guide

One risk that always exists alongside outside ventures such as camping is of getting lost. Unexpected twists of events are not negligible and that are where this application becomes useful. Functions of this application are clearly described by its two-worded name. It is a guide to remain alive and hopeful to survive accidental circumstances. The lack of illustrations and too much text may seem as the demerit of this application to some.

Survival Guide App


2. Ultimate SAS Survival Guide Lite

This application is designed by a former member of British Special Forces. It is very user-friendly and provides all the necessary information required by users lost or injured. There are scopes for even better organization of its contents. Like other guides, it is recommended that this application be gone through thoroughly before leaving.

Ultimate SAS Survival Guide Lite


3. Campgrounds

This application is not as accurate as one would like it to be. However, the fact that it is free makes it worthy of getting downloaded for situation when other more efficient tool might not be handy for certain reasons.

Campgrounds app


4. Coleman Camping Cookbook

Rated with 3 stars at the app store, this application is worthy of being downloaded for its camping food recipes. Camping is an activity that requires people to be out of their conventional comfort zone, which is perhaps the reason for inclusion of such diets that have high calorie composition. Its demerit is that it may not be preferred by many due to the presence of only such recipes.

Coleman Camping Cookbook


5. Knot Time

As it is clear from its name, this application is a kind of tutorial for knotting. Indeed, ropes and various types of knots are always an integral requirement during camping. There is a ‘Lite’ version of this application available that has only 9 knots. Purpose of various types of knots and tutorial videos for each of them are provided by this application. It can be downloaded directly on the phone so that it can be used offline too.

Knot Time


6. What Knot to Do

With intuitive design and proper organization, this application can be said to be one of the ultimate applications in its niche. The application provides step-by-step instruction on 70 different knotting techniques. It has quite nice and informative glossary too.

What Knot to Do App


The choice of application is influenced by the preference of users. On the basis of reviews, ratings and test results, the applications mentioned above can be called the best outdoor iPhone apps.


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