Best Pregnancy Apps That Assist Women during Pregnancy


In the present world of smartphones, there are applications for almost every purpose. In this context, some of the best pregnancy apps are listed and described below to let women have handy assistance throughout their pregnancy. These are among the best pregnancy apps as they assist women with both significant and insignificant pregnancy requirements.

1. 50,000 Baby Names

50,000 Baby Names


This application provides 50,000 name options for the expected baby. Brief information such as origin of the word, meaning of the name etc. is provided along with each name option. Users can search and filter names by categories such as Bible names, celebrity baby names, princess names, vowel names, etc. Users can make a list of their favorite names too.

2. BabyBump



This application tracks trimesters, weeks and days of pregnancy that have passed and that are due unto delivery. The application considers last menstrual period and pregnancy due date to track pregnancy progress. It displays pictures that make understanding and tracking pregnancy status easy. Ladies can interact with other women who are going to deliver during the same month through the forum provided by this application.

3. Baby Checklist

Baby Checklist


This application provides list of items to be shopped during and after pregnancy. The list suggests all kinds of items from crib, car seat, stroller to milk storage bags, nipple cream, etc., and these are categorized under clothing, gear, sleeping, etc. Users can tick-check the items that have been purchased to ensure that nothing is missed.

4. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant


There are certain foods that are recommended or prohibited during pregnancy. However, it is really difficult to remember harmful and beneficial food through daily life. This is a handy application that every pregnant woman can use to find out whether the food that she is consuming is good or bad for her and the life she supports.

5. Happy Pregnancy Ticker

Happy Pregnancy Ticker


This is one of the complete pregnancy applications. It tracks date, weight status and embryo status. It provides weekly information, trimester information, random facts and pregnancy planner. There is a list of common health issues that are encountered during pregnancy so that ladies can verify whether the issue is due to pregnancy or something else. The daily reminder for blood diagnosis, doctors’ appointment, medication, etc., can be set through the Happy Pregnancy reminder.

6. The Children’s Panadol App

The Children’s Panadol App


Breastfeeding is a frightening task post pregnancy. The infant requires appropriate quantity of milk and it should be given at equal intervals, such as every two hour. This application records feeding history with date, time and the side. It also has dosage calculator for infants’ medicine.

Applications listed above cover most categories of the best pregnancy apps. However, there are hundreds of more such applications available in the market. Try them and have a happy pregnancy.


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