Camping Apps for Android That Make Camping Fun and Not Mess


The following camping apps for Android can be used by all campers to make camping memorable, not a nightmare.

1. Alan Rogers

Alan Rogers


This independent application contains information about more than 3,000 campsites in about 30 countries in Europe. Campsites can be explored on the basis of county, region or country. Opening dates of campsites, directions and reviews can be found with this application as well.

2. Allstays



This application can search as well as filter suitable areas for camping and services without an internet connection. All the information regarding resorts, parking lots, directions, road conditions, etc., can be found with the help of this application. The unique feature of this application is its advertisement-free interface. Every detail about the camping ground as well as conveyance and hospitality is provided by this application.

3. Camp Finder

Camp Finder


National, state, regional, county, city and privately owned parks, campgrounds and resorts can be searched with the help of this application. Destination can be searched by name, city, state or current location. Besides, the application can filter results on the basis of distance, discount, amenities, policies, activities, etc. to show options that are relevant to users’ preference. Reviews, photos, direction for conveyance and articles on camping are other provision of this application. Users can save their favorite locations on the application too.

4. Camping Cheque

Camping Cheque


This application contains correct address of more than 600 campsites along with opening time, service, activities and photos. Searched information can be added to favorites or transferred to address book. It provides news from camping cheque network too.

5. Camping Planner

Camping Planner


As it is clear from its name, this application is a planner that has more than 225 items for camping pre-included in it, which can be checked, unchecked and reused. Its paid ‘ultimate checklist’ contains more than 12,000 items and more than 52 occasions.  Its lists can be exported, imported and emailed with others. Users can create customized list within minutes, duplicate categories, items or lists and copy/move between them. The list can be secured with password too.

6. We Camp Here

We Camp Here


This application provides information about campground such as name, distance from specific location, types of site, amenities, recreation and utilities as well as the direction to reach there. This application as well as its website uses the same data, which never leaves users bounded or with insufficient information. The application provides Azimuth, elevation, skew and multi-LNB dish setups for campgrounds too. Information about the specific location on the map is provided as the user surfs to it. Advanced search is also facilitated apart from provision for reading or writing reviews.

These are only few of the best camping apps for Android. Users may prefer other applications according to their preference. Go for camping with these apps by your side.


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