Card Magic- Information at Your Finger Tips


Virtual assistants like Siri, Iris, S Voice and the like, have been around for quite some time now. These features in mobile phones perform the function of digging out information whenever you ask for them.

The next level in information seeking is Card Magic -a new app launched by Google Now that gives you information even without asking for it. Just imagine an app where you look at it and it gives you what you want even without having to type it out? Wish you had it? Then the wait is over. Google Now has developed a new app that accesses information stored by you at various locations in the phone and generates cards with this information in them.

What You Need To Do

Google now has a Google Search app that supports iOS and Android devices. You need to just activate it and enter all your information that is important to you about a particular subject. For instance if you are interested in having stock market updates then you need to enter information of what shares you are interested in.

How Card Magic Functions

Once the app has this information then whenever you need information on this subject all you have to do is start the app and find a neat stack of cards piled at the bottom of your screen. They will pop up with latest bits of information relevant to the subject – in this case the latest price of the stocks followed by you. Simple as it may seem, once you begin to use it you will understand how outstanding the app is. It feels like sheer magic out of thin air. And another important feature of Card Magic is that greater the frequency of use, sharper is the result.

Final Word

Though it comes with some limitations like using up battery charge and inaccurate information at times, the app is still a very useful and reliable one. The bottom line is it gets you information without even asking for it and all this comes absolutely free. The Card Magic app runs well on iPhone 4S and Sony Xperia Z.


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