Content Filter Apps for Android That Every Parent Would Want


Smartphones have made the entire world accessible through one’s mobile phones and so they have made adult contents accessible to children too. There are certain content filter apps for Android that let parents control the use of smartphones by their children, such as mentioned below.

1. Application Protection

As its function is suggested by its name, this application is used to lock applications. It is significant because of the fact that several online services have launched their mobile applications too, which has made inappropriate contents easily accessible for children. However, this application has to be used along with an efficient content filter application as it is functional for only locking applications.

Application Protection App


2. Lightspeed Mobile Filter

This application lets parents or guardians bookmark, restrict applications, set homepage and block thumbnail images. It provides safe search for Google and Yahoo by default and blocks both anonymous and secure proxy servers. The application reports about URLs visited, unknown URLs, blocked URLs by category and all blocked URLs. It filters contents in compliance with CIPA. The request generated through Android phone is directed to Lightspeed servers that processes or redirects the request according to preference settings made by guardians. It functions whether children are on local network or off it.

Lightspeed Mobile Filter App


3. Mobile Web Guard

It is another web browser that provides content filter services on registration. Users have to register their devices to American Family Online with information required by the service provider. Users can customize filter settings, based on which the service provider allows or blocks websites.

Mobile Web Guard App


4. Safe Browser

This web browser is an efficient content filter too. It lets users to select the categories of website that they want to block for their children. Apart from categories, parents or guardians can also specify certain websites that should be blocked or allowed. The application works on all networks. However, Android web browser cannot be automatically disabled by this application. An efficient application locker has to be used for the purpose.

Safe Browser App


5. Trendmicro Mobile Security

It is an antivirus that also behaves like a content filter. Inappropriate websites are blocked by this application according to the preference settings made by guardians. Children would not be able to access restricted contents whether online or offline. In addition to web filter, this application also facilitates calls and messages filter. Parents or guardians can customize settings to filter certain number or all anonymous numbers. However, the settings have to be controlled through the device on which the filter is being run.

Trendmicro Mobile Security App


Like these are content filter apps for Android, there are applications for other mobile OS such as iOS, Windows, etc. available in the market too. Use these apps and make your child cyber secure.


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