Some Best Cydia Apps


Provided here are some of the best Cydia Apps for jailbroken iPhones, iPods and other devices.

There are different reasons as to why people jailbreak their iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. Majority of people jailbreak their devices so that access can be gained to the different tweaks and apps available in Cydia. Different types of apps are available in Cydia ranging from entertainment apps to informational apps through which one can personalize the operation and appearance of their Apple devices.

Cydia Apps

List of some of the best Cydia apps available to users


The iFile app is believed to be the best viewer and file manager for an iOS device. Accessing files can sometimes get difficult with Apple devices because of the limitations placed on them. Users who want to gain control of the files stored in their devices will benefit a lot after installing the iFile application. A wide range of file types are supported by this app which makes managing files more effective and easy. The app integrates quite well with other apps like Dropbox and Safari Download Manager.


Among some of the best Cydia apps, the Winterboard is the popular choice of millions because of the customizable features offered by it. The main idea behind jailbreak is customization and personalizing themes is an integral part of customization. The app offers wonderful themes time to time which makes it convenient for users to select their preferred themes.


Even though the iOS Messages app is not in any way inferior to other apps but people who are desperate need of some extra features and options can definitely try the BiteSMS app. The best part about this application is that users can customize nearly everything related to their messaging experience. The list of best Cydia appscertainly remains incomplete without the inclusion of the BiteSMS app.


This app is considered to be one the top shortcutting application for devices using the iOS platform. Users can add hardware button, shortcut management and centralized gestures for iOS by using the Activator app. With the assistance of this app one can easily launch a frequently used app or unlock the device within no time at all. System shortcuts like respring, shutdown and reset can be accessed easily by using the Activator app.

Safari Download Manager

Downloading is limited to certain file types on iOS devices which are not preferable by majority of users. But Cydia appslike Safari Download Manager simplify the process of downloading almost anything by integrating with Safari browser. Different file types are supported by this app and downloading files becomes quite easy. The app is undoubtedly one of the best Cydia apps and offers the users the ability to carry out simultaneous downloads so that one does not have to wait for one download to finish.


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