Dextr Beta– The New e-mail Experience


Dextr is a new app that focuses on improving the emailing experience on smart phones. The android version of the app is in its beta stages of development and targets cutting clutter in your mail box. The focus is on your closest or frequent contacts. The idea is to cut out the junk and bring you closer to the people who matter most to you – family, friends, partners, clients and the like.

Dextr helps you build a list of important contacts in your mail box. Using this information the app collects messages from all these people in a single stream making browsing smoother and follow ups a cake walk. Since the app is still in the beta stage of development there are constant updates available making the product better by the day. Currently the app supports only Gmail. But very soon other popular mail services may also be added depending on demand.

As a phone app it looks pretty good and is functional as well. The User Interface (UI)   facilitates the content to be visible immediately on opening the mail and highlights the content instead of the tool bars around it. Similarly, attachments and any images in the content are also displayed easily. Responding to the mail and forwarding them gets easier too.

The only hitch is that if a person such as your boss is important to you but is not part of the list then you do not see his mail or replies. This way you are forced to add her to your list of important people. Well this is not such a bad idea either. Think about it!

Available at just $1, the app can be downloaded via Android Police at Google Play.


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