Explore Some of the Free Best Itouch Apps on Your Mobile


When it comes to technology and features, Apple has always been on top and that is why their products are so much in demand. With the growing trend almost everyone wants an Apple gadget in their pocket and that is why Apple has not set a very high range in the price. There are various applications that would make your buying worthwhile. Following are some of the free best itouch apps which you can download from the Android market while some are inbuilt in the mobile itself:

  • Remaining connected with your friends is something that Facebook has taught us well and for that the Apple has introduced Facebook applications in their itouch gadgets. This will allow to post and see updates and also reply to any recent messages there.
  • Secondly there is an application that will allow you to chat with your friends if they are online. This application is known as AIM which is also known as AOL Instant Messenger. This will save the cost of recharging with SMS packs in your mobile. The main advantage of this application is that it is quicker than the other chat applications that are available. If you want you can also install Skype in your itouch. It is available for free to the users.
  • If you are a professional blogger then there is the application for WordPress. For that you must have an account in WordPress and the best software that you can install for the mobile version is WordPress 2.7. This application will enable to create, add, edit or remove any post from your blog any time you want. There is also the option of moderating the comments in your blog.
  • If you are addicted to music then there are applications for that too. SHOUTcast is such a website that allows practically everyone to build a radio station of their own and as a result there are over 32000 stations that are both filled with amateurs and also professional broadcasters. If you have the SHOUTcast application on your itouch then you will be able to listen to any of the stations and the best part is there is also an option for listening to your station as well.
  • There are people who want only a few radio stations to play on their mobile and that is the reason why the Pandora Radio application was set up. This application will not only save the selected radio stations but will also set your playlist according to the genre and artists. If you are more into radio then you can go for AOL radio that has over 200 stations and has more than 25 genres.

Those who love watching movies can select applications such as Fandango Movies and Now Playing that will help you to know all the details about the timings and availability of tickets in theatres near you. There are options for online ticket booking too. This application has some of the best database of movies and as a result if you type in any name the results will appear within a few seconds.


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