The Best Free Android Widgets


Are you looking for the best free Android Widgets for any of your Android device. Go through the list below to find out some of the top free Android Widgets.

You can be adept to select running a widget that will provide you with unchanging revisions in addition to reside creeks, or you possibly can conclude on a widget that begins working just once you access it. Every one of the many suggested free Android widgets provide you this characteristic, irrespective of which version of Android you happen to be running. With that being asserted, below are a few from the perfect Android widgets that are free for you to make use of.


For those who are huge enthusiasts of Facebook, then it is usually an unbelievably cooperative desktop widget for you. You may undoubtedly get reside revisions from the Facebook petition, and all notifications will come right to your home screen. It is likely to access your profile using the feel of one button, so you can certainly revise your position and upload pics with consummate simplicity. This can be the foremost of quite a couple of people’s best 10 Free widgets for Android list.

Facebook Android Widgets

Employment Supervisor is another one of the free Android widgets

Android is a stage that allows real multitasking. But sometimes, some apps maintain working in pathway record devoid of our know-how, which drains our device’s battery. With all the assistance of your chore manager you can glimpse which programs are operating, and you furthermore can choose out to conclusion.

Yahoo and Google Talk

Google Talk is something that comes with all Android devices, and you furthermore can keep it activated continually. By accessing the widget that is most certainly on the desktop, it is likely to head over to your Gtalk account when you need, and a brief talk utilizing your associates who’re on-line. That is absolutely one of many major 10 Android is widgets all over the globe. In conjunction with the majority of the widgets, this is probably the most beneficial widget which you’ll want to trigger on your individual home screen.

Google Talk

Android Agenda Widget

In case people frequently have a problem checking up to the obligations in addition to appointments, then the Agenda Widget is simply what you desire. You can attach reminders from all crucial components that you can need to accomplish, and these reminders will be evident in the home screen every time you unlock your device. Using the aid in this widget, you’ll never ever overlook your conferences and agendas.

Battery Widget

This is one of the better and absolutely free Android widgets that will help you. You’ll be able to directly glimpse the battery state, which will alert you about your batteries life and allows you to boost the battery’s long life.

Battery Android Widgets

Weather Situation Widget

That is advised as one of the best free Android widgets that should be present with you. This widget will notify you about the average temperature in your place, and it will furthermore provide information about any minor changes in the weather.


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