Free New Android Apps to Entertain the Users


The Android Market is always updated with the latest applications for the users to download, install and use. Android provides a vast platform for the interested programmers to develop applications and showcase them in the marketplace. Out of the millions of applications and games available out there, a number of them are free of cost. Hence the users can entertain themselves with the free apps. The new free Android apps are also quite helpful to the users. They help in doing many of their jobs rather than only entertaining them.

The GPS navigation system and continuous upgrade of the maps and locations helps the users a lot to track different routes to the destination and to know more about the destination and in many other ways.

Just in the same way, the users can operate their Gmail, Yahoo and other accounts, Facebook, Twitter and other social site profiles and many more. The new free Android apps are always helpful in meeting one’s needs and also gives a good entertainment to the user. This service of Android is unparallel and better than the other operating systems. Android offers a library of applications far more than those of the other OS. Hence the craze of Android is increasing at a great speed.

New free Android apps to download

The types of free new Android apps can be broadly based on the different aspects on the purpose of which they are being used by the users. They can be like:

  • For pure entertainment, most of the games and apps like talking tomcat, and other apps are being downloaded and used.
  • Gmail, Yahoo and other addons to get connected to the different accounts of the user. Facebook and twitter apps are also found to stay connected.
  • Viber, Tu me, whatsapp, go chat and other apps are used to stay connected, send text and files to the persons who have the same app installed in his/her handset.
  • Maps, locations and Street views to aid the GPS system of the handset help the person get details of the present location and search for restaurants, bars, hotels and other places very easily.
  • Pixlr-o-matic, Photo editor and other editing apps to edit the pictures clicked by the phone. The editing can be of amateur level to expert level with addition of different effects provided by the app.
  • Other addons like voice search, voice recorders, stopwatch, and timer etc. are also available to aid the users in different tasks.

Some of these apps come pre-installed with the phone. Others can be easily downloaded through the Google Play store for Android apps. All the new apps are showcased in this market for free. Although some of the apps are costly, many of them can be availed by the users for free and can be enjoyed.


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