Working with Google Android Apps


It often happens that a person who is technologically not sound has interest in his recently bought phone. These are the people who go on to become great apps makers for the various mobile phones that we have in the market.

Having an Android phone is quite a common factor these days and with the decreasing prices of these phones the popularity is on the positive side. This situation has resulted in people starting to create new applications on their own because with the introduction of Google App Inventor for Android that was terminated by Google in December 201,1this work has become easier.

Google Android AppsAndroid phones have a very important role in this because it is through the Android market that these applications are available. If you search for Google Android apps then you will get hundreds of sites from where you can download the setup file in order to create the application. There are a few things which you have to keep in mind while using Google Android apps.

You will find several levels during the creation of an application. Here are the steps which are briefly explained to give you a better knowledge of how to approach with the work:

Level 1 – In this level, you will have to first check out the available options that are given in the applications site. After you get the perfect option you will have to develop the file with the name unknown sources. This will enable Google Android apps to download the setup for the application.

Level 2 – After the download is complete and the page reopens you will find three options namely “allow mock location”, “stay awake” and “USB debugging”. From here you must choose “stay awake” and “USB debugging” that would configure all the programming tools.

Level 3 – After these two steps you will be able to sign in with your user id and password and also install the Block Editor. This would help you to modify the workings of the design to be created in blocks. While doing this you will also be able to communicate over the phone.

Level 4 – Once you are done with the above three steps you will be able to start with the designing procedure. For that you must change the project to “new”. Before you start with the designing you can read the manual if you want which will give you a detailed idea about the various designing tools.

Level 5 – There will be designing tools that will come on the left side of the screen and the area where you will design will come in the centre. This area is known as “form” and if you want you will be able to develop multiple screens as well.

Level 6 – This is the last level and here you can change the properties and settings as per your wish. Before you finalize the application on another phone you can first check it for yourself by testing it. There will be a preview option before you click on “ok”.


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