Google Mobile apps make mobile phones the ultimate device to be had at hand


Mobile phones would not be as efficient as they are without Google mobile apps. Some of the applications that are stated hereunder are immensely helpful while travelling. There are several Google mobile apps, of which only a few are listed below.


The email service that is used by millions of people has to have mobile application. Users can access their email conveniently with Gmail application.

Gmail App


Google Calendar

It is a calendar, planner, reminder and all at once. Events can be logged or scheduled on it with sufficient description. Users may also enable its SMS feature to receive reminders for the scheduled events.

Google Calendar App


Google Goggles

It reveals all the important information about certain texts, landmarks, artwork, wine, etc. The user needs to place the camera in front of the object to obtain information about it.

Google Goggles App


Google Maps

This application can show maps even without the internet. Besides, local information, nearby places and offers can be searched through it. GPS enables users to navigate to the correct destination without failure. The application can show what is around it whether indoor or outdoor.

Google Maps App


Google Now

Indeed, this one is a handy application for mobile phone users. Reports on weather, traffic, transportation, sports, etc. are provided by it automatically at the suitable time. For instance, when the user is at a railway station, the application pops up the information about arrival of the train.

Google Now App


Gesture Search

All the contents of a mobile phone such as applications bookmarks, phone settings, etc. can be searched by making finger gestures on the screen. It makes searching amazingly convenient and saves time too.

Gesture Search App


Google Sync

This is one application for synchronisation of all Google applications. All the Google applications and services can be synchronised to desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones with this application.

Google Sync App


Google Translate

It can translate between more than 50 languages. Voice input is also supported. Dictionary, foreign script, voice-translate, text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, etc. are other features of this application.

Google Translate app


Google Wallet

Suggestive by its name, this application enables its users to pay through mobile phones. Almost all the credit and debit cards are supported by it. Users have to select the card and tap the phone to pay. 4-digit pin secures the Wallet exclusively for its user. In case of theft or loss, users can remotely disable the Wallet too.

Google Wallet App


If all the Google mobile apps are described, the list may seem endless. Since mobile phones become great aide while travelling, whether long or short distances, applications that amplify the utility of mobile phones have been listed above.


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