The Amazing IOS 6 Features For Iphone


After downloading the operating system for your recently bought iPhone or iPad, you are keen to hunt through to discover new features. You may use Siri so as to get the information on sports and eateries. The iPhone 3GS or iPad2 or the like can be upgraded to ios 6 for which you need to open your settings, then go to general and then to software update. Some of the features are supported by the latest versions only.



Apple has designed the Google’s Map data all over again which provides certain new aspects and compromises with some of the aspects of the older software. Some of the useful features that were previously available on the old version such as the street view images and Google’s transit directions are not available in the newer one. The ios 6 features for iPhone have reported wrong maps. The feature that has been added to the improved version includes that of the turn by turn directions, unlike the previous version where the users needed to download Waze for getting updated with the directions. Flyover is another feature that you get in the new version. The feature can provide a bird’s eye view of the city, going to the peak to reach its skyscrapers and going down again to the streets.



The Siri feature enables voice activation on your latest version of iPhone or iPad. This feature became quite popular among the users, so much so that a survey revealed 87% of the users of iPhone 4S making use of the tool. The most amazing additional feature is the power to integrate Facebook and Twitter settings. The iPhone 4S users can add up to 140 characters on Twitter or a Facebook update. These apart, you also get regular updates on movies and restaurants.



The camera in the iPhone and the iPad is built with modified features. You can take snaps that are stitched together in a seamless fashion. The process is faster and the image you get is as distinct as is expected of 28 megapixels. But this feature can work only with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. You can share the photos with your friends who can view them either in the Photos App, or in iPhoto in Mac, or on Apple TV.



The ios 6 features for iPhone enables the direct addition of videos from the emails. All your important emails will go to the VIP folder once you mark the sender as VIP, and the folder will appear in your Mail app. You can also flag the emails as important.



The ios 6 features for iPhone is potent enough. The Passbook can store your coupons, cards and tickets. If you are about to board a U.S. flight, following an installation of the United Airlines app and the bringing in of your boarding pass on Passbook , scanning your screen will do the work.



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