iOS App Development Windows


Applications of iOS can be developed for Widows too although people rarely want to disclose or discuss about. Things that an iOS application can do can be used on Windows only if programming-literate people know how to develop iOS applications on Windows. Certain techniques are mentioned below for assistance in the same.

iOS App Development Windows

  • Through JAVA – Development of iOS application for Windows through JAVA involves XMLVM which cross-compiles bite code instructions of MS CLR and Sun JAVA virtual machine. While the byte code instructions are compiled through XMLVM, tougher codes are compiled by conventional compilers. Thus application-codes can be written in different programming languages to be converted and compiled to the desired format later. These converted application codes can then be run on jail-broken iPhones to test their validity.
  • Through C or C++ – DragonFireSDK provides the platform which is a boon to develop games and applications on and for Windows. It complies with the iPhone App Store’s sales and distribution protocols. For assistance, Quick Starter Guide is provided too.
  • Flash CS – With the inclusion of new APIs, application developers can take the advantage of the modern features like Accelerometer, GPS Multitouch, etc of mobile phones. Therefore, applications can be developed that can support every phone that has Flash. People who are aware of Javascript or other scripting languages can learn and implement ActionScript of CS-5 for application development. Though not available yet, the technique may become realisation soon.
  • Through cross-compilation – A simple method of iOS application development for Windows is cross-compilation. For cross-compilation, installation of Project Sprouts is necessary. The technique is simple, that is coding in Flex, AIR from Adobe or in ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3 from Flash and then cross-compiling it to ARM which is executable on iPhones.
  • Through Toolchains – Toolchains may be considered as an approachable means to develop iOS application on Windows but it is certainly not the best. Many Toolchains can be found to write code for iOS applications. Numerous Objective C code tutorials are available too. Therefore, Toolchains are easily available but the application developed through them works only with jail-broken phones. This technique is not preferable because of the requirement of regular update to match Apple’s SDK updates.
  • Through Hackintosh – This is simple and effective for the pros but may prove to be complex for any fresher in the field. It is rampant in OSX86 users. In this technique, one has to install Mac and run Native iPhone SDK on the PC.

Technology and computer freaks’ tireless and continuous efforts have found several ways of developing iOS applications for Windows of which few have been mentioned above. There are many blogs, sites, etc. that contain this and similar topics on the internet.


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