Best Mobile Apps for Weight Loss


Smart phones are not only for digital activities but to obtain physical results too. Mobile apps for weight loss help people to achieve their fitness aims. Some of top rated mobile apps for weight loss are described hereunder.


It was developed by Canadian dieticians. It provides tips on healthy eating habits through mobile phones. Answers to common questions and queries regarding food and nutrition are provided by the application. Tips on maintenance of healthy weight and prevention or treatment of chronic diseases can obtained from the application. The suggestions provided by this application are practical and can be acquired as soon as desired by the user.

eaTipster App



The fitness community has developed an application for mobile phones to make its features readily available for its users so that they can follow the programme through their mobile phones. It lets its users edit their goals, input consumption and utilisation of calories and add new information on food that does not already exist in its database. Weight-tracks and fitness progress are graphically represented at the screen. Excess or lack of components on one day can be adjusted on the next day as it is tracked by this application. There are tutorials available too.

MyFitnessPal App


Calorie Counter

It is useful to track exercise, food, weight and nutrients listed on the nutrition facts table. The application provides health recipes, inspirational articles and easily understandable help option. However, the application tracks only calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein, so, additional help might be required to track other component.

Calorie Counter App



This application tracks calories, water, fitness, fat, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, fibre, etc. It also has a planner to let its users to register changes of their bodies and monitor fitness progress through graphical representation. It is used by several people throughout the year and is one of the popular ones too.

Diets Activities App


Calorie Tracker

This is a kind of fitness and food diary that can be used for weight management, weight loss or weight gain. Calorie, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, fibre protein, sodium and sugar and can be tracked with this application. The large food database of this application is the outstanding feature of this application.

Calorie Tracker App


Sparkpeople Food & Fitness Tracker

People who desire or need to lose ½ to 2 pounds of weight every week should have this application. It tracks consumption of carbohydrate, calorie, fat and protein, has customised meal plans according to fitness goal as well as a graph to weight and fitness progress with time.

Sparkpeople Food  Fitness Tracker App


These mobile apps for weight loss are not just another fitness application but rated 4-stars or 5-stars by registered dietician.


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