What are the 6 Best Diet and Nutrition Apps


Smartphones are pocket-sized miracles that bring solutions of all kinds in the form of apps. For the health conscious, installing the right diet app on your smartphone will help you make better eating choices and keep count of your calories and meal schedules as well. Here are 6 best diet and nutrition apps that will empower you with healthy nutrition choices:


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular apps equipped with powerful features to keep track of the calories consumed and burnt as well. It also has a database of nutritional values of over 5 million food products. You only have to scan the barcode of the product to check its nutritional content. So you have a 360-degree view of your diet and exercise routine.


LifeSum is an exercise and diet tracker that enables the user to establish healthy routines. It helps you assess your body composition and plan your diet and exercise regime accordingly. It also keeps you motivated to achieve goals that you set on the app.


Here is an app that gives you access to personal coaches. Yes, the coaches guide you through the entire process – right from initial assessment to prepare a plan to reach your health goals. HealthifyMe includes features such as – Diet checker, fitness teacher, meal planner, and even a yoga coach as well.


This diary helps you log in all your fitness and health-related information. Keep notes on your daily food intake with the calorie count, and also monitor the levels of health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. you can also sync your fitness devices such as FitBit to a daily tracker and pull out the logs whenever required.


HealthyOut is one of a kind nutrition app and one of its most distinguishing features is its ability to make restaurant suggestions based on your diet plan. In addition, it also helps you tweak the recipe to optimize the nutritional content on your plate. After all, eating out should not mean compromising on your health goals.


The ShopWell app is designed based on the principle that to eat healthy, first shop for healthy products. It makes recommendations on your food choices based on your body type and allergies and intolerances, if any. It decodes the nutritional information on food labels and thus helps you make perfect choices every time.

So, wait no further, if your aim is health and fitness, download these apps and surge ahead with your health goals.


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