Important Facts about iPhone Mail App for Android


Options for email management applications are abundant for users of smartphones. Learn facts about iPhone mail app for Android to discover the best options in this regard.

1. Gmail

Updated from 1.0 to 2.0, Gmail iPhone mail app for Android functions much better now. Unlike the previous version, its interface is completely native to the device and features have been improved too. One major drawback is the lack of unified inbox. As a result, users have to tap their account, check for badges on other accounts, open the required account to read emails and switch all over to another account. It is frustrating in comparison to applications that have unified inbox. Thankfully, it supports push notification as it has always done.

Gmail App


2. Mailbox

It is new iPhone mail app for Android, but efficient. It allows scheduling of mails so that they can be sent ‘later’, added to reminders, etc. Besides, it removes extras and reflects only the email. To achieve this, the company stores emails onto its servers, which might not be the best option for many who are concerned about privacy. Selecting an account and deleting it ‘from Mailbox everywhere’ is as simple a step for account removal as it seems. Four different types of swipe gestures add messages to lists, save them for later, archive them and trash them. Mailbox does support push notification.

Mailbox App


3. Sparrow

AOL, Gmail, iCloud, IMAP, Live, MSN, POP and Yahoo are the email services that Sparrow supports. Its editor is free of distractions, and accounts, folders and inbox on it are separated into 3 sections for flexibility of access. Customizable inbox view, per-account signature, unified inbox, label-and-archive, send-and-archive, etc. are some features that make Sparrow a fantastic iPhone mail app for Android. It does not properly support Push notification, which might be for a fairer reason. This prevents users’ information from getting stored onto the server of a 3rd party.

Sparrow App


4. Yahoo! Mail

With its application, Yahoo has entered mobile application market. However, Yahoo! Mail application is just for reading and composing. Push notification is supported but due to too much information, it does seem cluttered. Its design is decent and in purple, which can be said to be the theme color of the application. However, the application seems to lack something apart from the absence of features that most other email applications support. Swiping messages pulls up list of available actions, which is the only gesture that is supported currently.

Yahoo! Mail


Critical analysis of all the 4 email applications concludes that Mailbox is by far the best among them. However, the choice of iPhone mail app for Android is directly dependent upon the preference of users, who can decide which suits them the best. So try them all before sticking to the one you desire.


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