6 Top Photo Editing & Sharing Apps


Mobile device these days comes with in-built power-packed cameras so that one doesn’t miss to capture a beautiful moment and can easily share them with the rest of the world. But in addition to that, one can easily edit those pictures in their device only, so that no computer gets involved in the process. These editing processes are done by special apps, which can rival any pc based photo-editing software. Some of the top photo editing & sharing apps are:

1. Photoshop Express

Gone are the days when one could only “Photoshop” by sitting in front of a computer. Adobe Photoshop Express is a lightweight and free version of the free editor that allows one to do some basic photo editing processes such as cropping and straightening the pictures, as well as applying effects, filters and borders to the prints.

Photoshop Express App

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2. Camera+

This app is designed not only to edit but also to take photographs. It has an in-built stabilizer that helps in steadying the camera, a 6X zoom to get closer to the subject and a special grid to help one lineup the shots perfectly. The edit portion of the app features some quality in-built editing tools and effects. Finished pictures can then be shared in the social media instantly from the app as well.


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3. Filterstorm

It features some mind-blowing features which can compete with any desktop based editing software any given day. At a time it supports up to five layers and allows one to make adjustments with tools such as brush, color range, gradient, vignette, and opacity. One can also play with the brightness and contrast, temperature, saturation and exposure of the photograph.

Filterstorm App

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4. Pixlr-O-Matic

This power packed app comes in with more than 280 overlays, 100 effects and over 200 different borders which helps one to customize their pictures easily and quickly and give them an endless array of unique and different looks every time. Finished pictures then can be shared directly through the social media or can be saved in high resolution files if anyone wants to print them out later.

Pixlr-O-Matic App

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5. PicsPlay Pro – FX Photo Editor

This app has over 200 presets and several built-in themes including Blur, HDR, B&W and Vintage, and also one can control the opacity in real-time on those presets. The “output” can then be shared through the social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

PicsPlay Pro – FX Photo Editor App

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6. Instagram

Considered by many to be the most popular and best photo editing & sharing app out there. It comes packed with beautiful filters, radial tilt-shift and linear blur effects. Lux, which is the auto enhancement feature that allows one to balance the tone, contrast and color of the pictures with a single tap. It allows users to share their work in its own network, or follow other users.

Instagram App

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