Some Best Free Travel Apps for Tourists


A smart phone is a precious gadget for frequent as well as occasional travelers. Numerous travel apps available for various platforms allow users to make the tour as convenient as possible. The best aspect of these applications that cannot be found in any other product is that many of them are free to be downloaded. Some of the best free travel apps are mentioned here.

Wi-Fi Finder

Numerous applications for smart phones depend upon internet. With Wi-Fi Finder, travellers would always be aware of Wi-Fi locations. This application is not only free but also saves money as internet charges increase manifold during international tours.

Wi-Fi Finder app


XE Currency

Travelers can know exchange rates for various currencies with the help of XE Currency. It can convert between more than 180 currencies. Apart from that, latest information on currency can be obtained through it.

XE Currency app



This is one of the very useful best free travel apps for businessmen when one cannot alter programmes. Tripit allows manual creation of plan and by it experts too. Users have to submit confirmations of conveyances, logistics, etc. and get itineraries prepared by professionals.

Tripit app



Travel expenses cannot be tracked, organised, saved and submitted more efficiently for free by any means than by Concur. Apart from being free, this application helps to prevent incurrence of expenditure by an official that would not be reimbursed later to him.

Concur app


Gate Guru

This is one of the many free travel apps that update their users about flight schedules. It provides information on airports that help people recognize even the exact gate to enter. People can also find food locations so that they do not miss flights or food because of each other.

Gate Guru app



Driving gets simplified by this application as it provides information about jams, accidents, blockades and even police traps. Thus, users can steer clear of nuisances. It is updated by drivers’ GPS and therefore provides real-time information about road traffic.

Waze app


Gas Buddy

Tourists must download this application onto their smart phones so that they never run out of gas. It is very helpful during long road journeys. It provides information about nearest gas stations and fuel prices. List of all gas stations in a city can be viewed through its pin code.

Gas Buddy app


Sit Or Squat

Kids often accompany elders during holiday tour. This application searches and displays nearest toilets so that kids do not have to squat anywhere. This may sound funny but is indeed useful during travels.

Sit Or Squat app


There are hundreds of best free travel apps that are helpful before, during and after a tour. There is at least more than one application for each kind of requirement imaginable. These free applications for smart phones provide solution for necessary as well as sheer fun requirements of tourists.


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