Top 10 Apps That You should Have in Your Smartphone


There are a number of fantastic apps that assist you in almost anything and everything you do. Here are the top 10 apps that are considered the best.

After the recent Smartphone boom, the arrival of the latest innovative apps focuses on revolutionizing mobile technology. Mobile apps for different platforms like Windows, Apple and Android are flooding the markets and there is huge competition to earn the best spot. Here is a list of the top 10 apps that have earned huge popularity from the users:

1. Google Maps

With improvements being added every single day and newer features, the Google Maps is the ultimate choice for users. This mapping application from Google is considered to be the best for any device so far.

Google Maps app


2. Flipboard

Flipboard or the personal news magazine brings all the news on the web to the users. The user just needs to select the topic and the app provides the latest news instantly without any delay.

Flipboard app


3. Camera Awesome

Apart from the stunning interface offered by the app, one can customize their pictures with the splendid features offered by the app like color adjustment and automatic levelization. With the help of this app users can comfortably share their images across different social networks.

camera awesome app


4. Khan Academy

With the help of this iOS app one can learn almost anything without paying any cost. The list of top 10 apps would remain incomplete if an app like Khan Academy is not included. The app covers different topics based on different subjects.

Khan Academy


5. Viggle

The app is ideal for people who can spend their entire time watching television. Show time reminders can be set and the guide offers useful information on what to watch. By checking into the different programs, one can earn reward points from Gaps, Starbucks and

Viggle app


6. Next Draft

Even though there are many apps present in the market similar to Next Draft but the way news is offered through this app to the users is simply unmatchable. The insightful, smart commentary accompanying the news definitely makes it a part of the top 10 apps.

Next Draft app


7. Atlas by Collins

With this app, the users will have the whole world within their fingertips. The app offers physical maps, satellite mapping images, political maps, population statistics, environmental maps and much more.

Atlas by Collins app


8. Clear

Unlike different task-management apps, Clear comes with a wonderful and clear design and is extremely easy to use. The app can work alongside iCloud and helps users to switch lists in a faster manner.

Clear app


9. Action Movie FX

This entertainment app allows users to put special effects on the videos recorded with their iDevices. Even though there were some stability issues at first but the playful production values and excellent sound effects are worth to include it in the list of top 10 apps.

Action Movie FX


10. Paper by Fifty Three

By using this app people can turn their ideas into sketches, illustrations, diagrams, drawings or notes and share them with different people on the web.

Paper by Fifty Three



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