Apps for Apple TV


The entertainment powerhouse of Apple TV allows users to play contents from iTunes, Hulu Plus, Netflix, You Tube and various other sports leagues. With a resolution of 1080p HD it promises to deliver the best quality graphics in the form of TV shows, blockbuster movies, photos, music and much more. When it comes to Apple TV apps, the company has still not unveiled the apps that it planning to introduce to the Apple TV users. However, there have been reports that Apple is planning to introduce the HBO Go app by the middle of 2013. Satellite and Cable subscribers will be able to view more than 1, 700 television and film shows.

Recently, the company updated its Apple TV and iTunes content with sections featuring holiday games and apps. Apart from that, Apple is also featuring apps for shopping, holiday cooking and more on its Apple TV. However, it has not yet been confirmed that whether the categories appearing on Apple TV are purposeful or a mistake. The HBO Go app which is supposed to be introduced as an Apple TV app presently features on the iPhone and iPad. Millions of units of the Apple TV have already been sold and more people are turning towards Apple TV for its vast range of features.

Apps for Apple TV

The Airplay feature offered by Apple TV is certainly the one that’s grabbing all the attention. With the help of Airplay, it is possible for users to stream wirelessly anything from their iOS devices to speakers and HDTV via Apple TV. This feature allows users to share their favorite pictures or watch movies on large screen by seamlessly connecting their iOS devices with Apple TV. Apart from offering convenience, this feature enhances the experience of the users as they watch their favorite contents. The Airplay Mirroring feature allows users to show their favorite contents from the devices to everybody within the room. Playing games becomes easier and exciting after integrating the device with Apple TV.

The latest addition to the Apple TV feature has been the Bluetooth pairing menu. With the help of this feature keyboards can be connected wirelessly to 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV’s. People from all over the world are eagerly waiting for the news of the arrival of Apple TV apps. The introduction of the Bluetooth pairing gives rise to hopes that Apple might soon consider the launch of Apple TV apps within the coming months. The apps for holiday cooking and shopping that were made available might be an indication from Apple that it is considering the release quite soon. However, till the time these apps are released, users need to keep anticipating for the best.


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