6 Best Audio Book Apps for iOS


These days, a special “companion” is accompanying everyone during their boring train journeys or bus trips. These are the audio-books, which acts as a great friend and “fellow traveler”, narrating old tales and stories collected from the public domain. And for enabling that, a host of audio book apps are available in the market, which one can download or purchase in their smart-phone devices and tablets for getting access to the wide range of audio books out there in the web.

Some of the most popular audio book apps are:

1. Audiobooks Premium

Audiobooks Premium
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This app really provides a one-stop-listening experience to its users. It features a great collection of free audio books, narrated by professionals of Librivox. It also provides recordings of the current bestsellers in the market, and the best thing about the app is that one can search books by its title, duration, genre, language and narrator. It allows control features such as rewinding/forwarding, play/pause and even bookmarking.

2. AudioBookShelf


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Unlike other audio book apps, this one stands tall because of its collection of the highest quality audio books available in the market right now. As the books get downloaded in the device itself, one can always listen to them even in offline mode. Additional features include navigating to any part of the book with a single click, browsing the chapters, automatic bookmarking and a sleep timer as well. The interface is too user-friendly with a simulation of an actual bookshelf one always dreams of.

3. vBookz


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An ideal app for the toddlers and the visually impaired as this app comes along with the magnifying glass feature that follows the text, allowing the reading process much more fun and enjoyable to the user. The in-built voice synthesizer is an added bonus, but the huge collection of titles plays the most important reason to download the app.

4. Audible


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This app stands out from the rest because of its audiobook file management feature. Other features that it offers are pretty much the same that of other well known apps in the market offers, but again a feature that makes it a gem is its direct-download feature from audible.com. Also it helps to keep in track the listening hours of the user.

5. Bookmark


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It displays all iPod compatible podcast content and audio book installed on the device. The note-worthy feature of this app is that it allows multiple bookmarking/note taking. One can also customize the features according to their needs, and it comes with a tutorial too.

6. Audio Footnote

Audio Footnote

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This handy app lets one to record multiple notes simultaneously during audio book playback, and can share them with family and friends. It also offers tab navigation feature allowing users to get access to their recent playbacks, podcasts and audio books.


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