Must have 6 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android


Smartphones are no longer just gadgets. They are our constant companions, with a number of apps running on them constantly. Background apps tend to drain out the battery quickly and can leave you high and dry at the hour of need. To avoid such black out situations, we bring to you the 6 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android:


Adjudged the best battery saver app for android, Greenify’s USP lies in its ability to auto-identify background apps and send them to hibernation based on their activity. Doing all this, it goes light on the vital processors of the smartphone. Works wonders on both rooted and unrooted phones. It has different modes – doze, hibernation, wakeup tracking etc.


Amplify is a wavelock-based battery saver app that tracks and controls your device’s wakeup patterns. In short, it stops apps, such as alarms and messaging, that prevent your android device from sleeping. The best feature is that its default settings are enough to do the needful, and does not require any more effort from your end.


Similar to Greenify, Servicely works by stopping and disabling energy-sapping background apps. Manual settings help you configure apps that you would want stopped once the display is off. It also helps with apps with inbuilt auto-start feature.


From usage predictions to a battery consumption log, the AccuBattery app has it all. It can make complex calculations like battery discharge and charging speeds to help you make accurate decisions on battery saver settings. It requires you to familiarize with its large bundle of options, and then you are all set to go.

Wavelock Detector

With the ability to detect full and partial wavelocks, this app gives you the entire list of apps that cause them. So you may then make informed decisions on whether you want to stop the app or uninstall it to find and find a replacement.


Avast Battery Saver comes with a single switch to control background apps. It also displays the residual battery life and prompts appropriate action to conserve battery life on your android phone. It allows you create different battery optimization settings based on your surroundings – work, home, outdoors etc. the emergency profile is activated when the charge dips below 25%.


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