6 Best Android Puzzle Games


Some of us are always on the lookout to test our brains, even if the generated results seem to “demoralize” us to a certain extent. And because of the time-crunch, one depends a lot on what technology has to offer in this segment. And with the notable rise in the usage of smartphone and handheld devices, there’s more in offer that one might possibly lay their hands on to. These are some of the best android puzzle games:

1. Unblock Me

Unblock Me


One of the top and the best android puzzle games in the market right now, this one truly puts on test on how smart the user really is. The objective of the game is pretty simple. One needs to move the blocks in a skillful manner making way for the red block to move out of the board. The levels are quite easy at the beginner’s stage, but as one progress to a much higher level, it can seriously challenge the user and can be a bit frustrating. With 4200 puzzles on offer, one can be pretty much sure of “wasting” hundreds of hours playing this game.

2. World of Goo

World of Goo


A must-have game for all the tablet owners, World of Goo offers one to complete a mission, by building structures with the limited amount of goo balls that are provided in each stage. Voted by many to be the best game on offer right now.

3. Triple Town

Triple Town


It’s an original puzzle game in which the objective is to build possibly “the greatest city” with castles, houses, cathedrals etc. But all is not great in this story as giant bears will try to bring the whole thing down, if one doesn’t make their moves early. Arguably, one of the best android puzzle games one could come across.

4. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope


The aim of the game hasn’t changed. One needs to tie up with the scientist to study Om Nom’s (the green little monster) candy loving behavior through a series of experiments. The game-play is quite innovative, and with 175 levels on offer, it provides the extra punch.

5. Spy Mouse

Spy Mouse


Built on the line-drawing game-play of Real Racing and Flight Control comes in “the world’s smallest hero”. The player needs to draw a line for the mouse to travel along while collecting cheese and reaching the end of the level without getting eaten by the cats.

6. Apparatus



The objective of the game is to set up structures in order to move one or more marbles to the goal. One can connect cables from batteries to motors, setting up bridges, vehicles and teeter totters to move the marbles. One can use the wrench or hammer to connect the wheels, planks and other objects together.


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