Best Android Widgets


Android is the operating system of this age, especially for the mobile phone users. While the efficiency of other Smartphones’ OSs cannot be denied, Android has an edge over others due to the large number of applications and other tools that it supports. The popularity of Android is complemented by the availability of newer applications, etc. Market analysis reveals that there are around 500,000 applications, tools, etc. available for Android users. Of all these facilities that Android supports, widgets are worth mentioning. While there are several widgets available for Android, some of the leading ones are specified here.

Best Android Widgets

  1. Extended Controls – Android has numerous features and to control one or more of them easily and quickly one has to have ‘settings’ widgets like Extended Controls. It allows quick toggle between Bluetooth, orientation lock, reboot, etc.
  2. Pulse News – Pulse is a graphical news reader which represents news with images by default as well as from the source selected by the user.
  3. Beautiful Widgets – As the name clarifies, Beautiful Widgets is a set of lovely widgets for battery, date, time, toggle and weather.
  4. Audio Manager – Audio Manager widget provides an easy access to the application where people can view and set the sound volumes of alarm, alerts, media, ringer, system, voice call, etc.
  5. Evernote – If Evernote made noting, searching, voice memo, etc. easy then its widget for Android has made it even easier by facilitating quick access to the application.
  6. – For the vocabulary-thirsty users of Android, has widget where one can speak or type a word to find its meaning. Besides, it also displays ‘word of the day’.
  7. Onava Count – Widgets of applications as useful as Onavo Count, through which internet users can monitor data usage, has to be on the home screen of an Android phone.
  8. Tiny Flashlight + LED – To use the LED flash on the rear of the phone as torch Tiny Flashlight + LED application is required. However, the best use of this application is possible only if its widget is installed on the home screen.
  9. Google Voice – To make inexpensive international calls, send free text messages or have your voice converted to text easily and quickly, Google Voice widget has to be on the home screen of users’ Android phones.
  10. Pure Messenger – Pure Messenger widget is the ultimate tool to aggregate messages from email services, social media and texts services right on the home screen of users’ Android phones.

Since widgets facilitate easy access to applications, it is quite relevant to have widgets of applications of regular or urgent use. Undoubtedly, these widgets take the functionality of Android to another level.


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