Best Animal Holograms from the Zoomob App


If you are a fan of hologram apps then the latest Zoomob app is just the thing for you. Available for free, this app allows you to download and use holograms of wild animals picturized in Hollywood. The app has been developed by none other than hologram app specialists Appeartome Ltd.

The Zoomob app allows users to watch wild animals roaming across the camera screens of their smart devices. It also allows users to click photos of these animals along with the people in their living room. These extraordinary hologram performances are developed by the use of Ultra Reality technology which is the latest rage in mobile app development.

The list of animals you can choose from the gallery include – Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Elephants, Caribou, Moose, Bear and so on. You also have a choice of exotic birds such as parrots and Cockatoos.

The app has introduced a new version that allows users to browse through the gallery through arrows. Available exclusively to iTune users, the app is compatible with all apple gadgets and smart devices. The fun value that it adds keeps everyone amused and is a great tool to cheer you up. The app keeps tantrums off your long drives when kids just refuse to calm down. The unique sharing feature is instant and can be uploaded to any social networking site.

With the latest 1.0.1 version, Zoomob has increased functionality and easy uploading features to enable users to get more mileage out of this hologram app.


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