Best Apps for Babies


Every parent in this world wants to make sure that their babies get the best care while growing up. The early months of growing up are the precious moments in every parent’s life and they deserve the best help so as to take care of their babies with utmost care and tenderness. With the advancement of technology, different apps for babies have been introduced to make it easier for moms to take care of their babies in the best possible manner. Here is a list of the best baby apps available presently for Smartphone users:

Baby Connect – Out of the several tracking baby apps, this app is certainly the most versatile. One can track almost anything like pump schedule, feedings, diapers, solid food, medicines, milestones, mood and sleep with the help of this app. Parents can share every data related to their babies via email, Twitter and Facebook. This app is Apple and Android devices.

Baby Connect


Baby Pack & Go – Parents who have a busy schedule and always travelling with their babies will find this app extremely useful. The app offers list of useful items which need to be packed for the baby while travelling. The ‘Task Reminder Alert’ included within the app helps parents with reminders on the Smartphone’s. This app is Apple and Android devices.

Baby Pack & Go


Baby Monitor 3G – Even though there are several monitoring baby apps available but Baby Monitor 3G works on different networks like CDMA, Edge, 3G and Wi-Fi. For the working of this app, 2 iOS devices are required. One can be stationed in the baby’s room whereas the other stays with the parents. It is possible to talk to the baby and even take pictures remotely. Available for Apple devices.

Baby Monitor 3G


Baby Shusher – The Bay Shusher is the perfect app for parents finding it difficult to get some good sleep as the baby is keeping them up. The rhythmic shush sound created by the app helps the baby with natural calming reflexes. The sound adjusts automatically with the with the baby’s crying. It is possible for other members of the family to record their shush sound in the app. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Baby Shusher


Baby Sleep – Lullabies and Teddies – Lullabies are loved by babies and this app offers just what is required for babies. Twenty one lullabies are included within the app along with cute pictures of plush animals. One just needs to pull the string which starts the music. It is possible for parents to create their own playlists with songs of different duration. The huge range of features offered by some baby apps might make this app look insignificant; however, it certainly includes the feature that babies like the most. Available for Apple devices.

Baby Sleep – Lullabies and Teddies



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