Best Backup App for iPhone: Awesome Options for Users


People love the iPhone because it provides an array of applications such as alarm clock, emails, music and countless games.  Some customers also indulge in stock trading on the phones apart from managing remote access servers from the cell phone. Backing up of data has never been easy on iPhone although iTunes were available for accomplishing the task.

Since the invention of iCloud, people are able to copy information and restore it as and when required.  It is compatible with all the major operating systems including MAC and windows having their own cloud syncing solutions. The application automatically provides backup of your devices and also synchronizes different types of data such as photos, music, calendar and contacts. As far as pricing plan is concerned, it is equipped with 5 GB of data storage. However, in case of additional space, you might purchase up to 50GB of data capacity.

After purchasing iTunes, you can access them across all the iOS devices irrespective of their location. Music collection of 25000 songs could be synced by the iCloud in spite of downloading them from various sources.

Backup App for iPhone


Best backup app for iPhone also incorporates zip cloud which is tailor made for the Apple users. It is elegant with an easy user interface so that even laymen could operate. Product boasts of stupendous quality, therefore the company provides a one year money back guarantee in case of defects. Data is backed on Amazon S3 equipped with a complex grid infrastructure to provide security. Signing up is an easy procedure because the user requires only password, email and the name. People availing the services of zip cloud application can utilize 14 day trial on different plans.

SOS online backup offers amazing features like the face book backup on the iPhone and MAC support along with a very high download speed.  Capped data storage is available nevertheless information from more than 5 computers could be accommodated without any problem.  All the videos, contacts, images and wall posts on the IOS could be copied without any problem. SOS is endowed with a 3 tier encryption system which secures data while storing, transferring and copying it to the data center. A video tutorial, knowledge base and lively community forum are available to the users for guidance, apart from live chat to resolve the issues. Purchasing an account is an easy job because you need to enter your name, address and the credit card details.

PKGBACKUP is a versatile solution for storing the jail break gaming data on IOS apart from the usual back up of SMS and email settings. It can also work with other applications like Drop box to create an efficient backup of the data. Drop box offers data syncing services with amazing simplicity and helps people to access files with a vast range of devices. One of the best attributes of the application is cross platform availability. Sharing data is a breeze since it is accomplished via a public link or it can also be accessed privately by the drop box users.


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