Best Calorie Counter App for Android


When exercising for weight loss or medical reasons needs monitoring your calorie intake is equally important. There are a number of calorie counter apps available for the smart phone users. Here are 5 of the latest best calorie counter apps for Android devices:

1. MyfitnessPal

This is a calorie counter with a database of more than 2 million foods. It also has a separate entries for fast food and exercise that helps track your calorie intake and calculates if the calories burnt is proportional to the intake. All you need to do is register your vital statistics and the app will keep a summary report ready for you. In addition the app links to the  MyFitnessPal website where the user can access other tools like FitBit.


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2. Calorie Counter by Fatsecret

Calorie Counter is a simple yet powerful app that gives nutritional information of various foods and helps keep track of diet, exercise and weight. The features include a food dairy, exercise diary and a barcode scanner. It also has a diet calendar that keeps an account of calorie intake and expenditure. It gives numerous ideas on meal ideas and recipes.

Calorie Counter by Fatsecret

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3.  MyPlate Calorie Tracker

An app made by Livestrong,  MyPlate Calorie Tracker helps keep a close watch on calorie inatke and plans its expenditure as well. After activating their acccout on Livestrong’s website, users can enter their statistics and input their wiegth goal. Based on this the app will develop a chart recommending the calorie intake, diet plan. The app also tracks exercise and other fitness activities to figure out the plan for the rest fo the day.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

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4. Lose it

This app is excellent in calculating the calories in each of the food ingredients so much so that when you choose a type of food it immediately gives you the details of your exercise schedule to burn off those calories. The app also lets you plan your weight loss goal by suggesting your meal plans.

Lose it

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5. Calorie/Point Counter Simple

This app is adept at counting your calorie intake and wiegth watcher points. Then it integrates these two sets of information to give you the choice of 6 different meals each time. If you like a particular plan you store it in the database of own foods along with a separate database for favorite exercise routines. You can also summon regular reports on your performance – weekly or monthly or more often or later as well.

Calorie Point Counter Simple

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