A Guide to Best Cydia Apps for iPhone 5


Cydia apps are nothing new for all those who belong to the jailbreak community. But for those who are new to the group, Cydia store makes apps for the unchained devices. Here is a list of the best cydia apps for iPhone 5.

1. Dreamboard

The iOS themes are good, but at times users wish for something more. Dreamboard is a Cydia app that makes a wide range of themes available through Cydia store. The app allows creating a theme list for future use and facilitates easy switching between themes. The app also gives you android looks with an inbuilt Endriod. This app is definitely a great find for those who have a penchant for aesthetics.


Install For iPhone

2. Stride

If your iPhone’s security makes you feel it is good enough then think again. Stride is an app that gives you a different level of security altogether. Gestural passwords with the choice of simple and complex versions, PIN entry, lock screen and the drawn password. The app allows for replacing the original iPhone slider or combine it with the other types of security mentioned above.


3. Intelliscreen X

Intelliscreen X is a great way to bypass your screen lock. The app enables you to view messages, email, Twitter, Facebook and weather alerts without actually unlocking your screen. It also enhances the bland notification system of iOS and enhances its functionality by integrating the social networking sites.

Intelliscreen X

4. Activator

This is a simple app that enables users to customize their iPhone 5 controls. Apart from customizing the keys you can enable motion and voice controls as well. This helps your phone perform a number of tasks like opening an app or a folder on the device.


5. CameraTweak

iOS camera app has some good features but definitely leaves you wanting more. CameraTweak is one such app which fills in this gap. It enchases the user’s photography experience by introducing a timer, resolution options, video frame rate, focus settings and composition overlays.


6. PKG Backup

This app is for the otherwise impossible task of restoring / upgrading a jailbroken iPhone 5. PKG Backup is an app that keeps a backup of all Cydia apps and restores them without having to reinstall all the tweaks from scratch.

PKG Backup

7. Dashboard X 2.0

Dashboard X 20 is an app that helps you install widgets straight on the home screen. From music player to organizers, you can stack your home screen with all your favorite widgets. Widgets do take up a lot of battery and that is the only limiting factor you need to watch out for.

Dashboard X 2.0


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