Best Educational Apps for Kids That Children Would Love


Smart phones can be used to make children smarter and that too quicker. Nine of the best educational apps for kids are described hereunder. The selection of educative application depends chiefly upon the parents’ preference. The list below is intended to cover some of the best educational apps for kids rather than a particular subject.

1. 8 Planets

8 Planets


This application is for children who seem to be interested in astronomy. Children earn virtual ribbons as they test their knowledge through it.

2. ABC PcoketPhonics

ABC PcoketPhonics


This application assists children in reading by laying emphasis on alphabet sounds and writings. It is available in two versions and is suitable for preschool or kindergarten students.

3. Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas


This application is a digital atlas for children who seem to be interested in geography. It displays 3D animated models, illustrations, photos, etc., when people select a location of interest. As children travel through virtual regions, they can tap various icons on the screen to know about the climate, landscapes, people and other geographic features of each location. Locations that a child loves can be saved as favorite too.

4. Farm 123

Farm 123


This application has a character named Farmer Jo who teaches children to count with the help of cows, eggs and pigs in his farm. It is apt for preschool children.

5. Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham


This is an e-book that highlights words as children read its contents. Its content is interactive and reveals associated words when any of its objects are touched.

6. Happy Flash Cards

Happy Flash Cards


This application displays flashcards that contain images of objects, the name of which is to be told by children. Objects in this application are categorized as animals, food, numbers and shapes. There is a practice mode in this application that is for children’s progress assessment.

7. Jungle Coins

Jungle Coins


This application can be used to teach children about currency. It has various activities such as coin comparison, coin finding, currency change and money count. It is suitable for children of kindergarten to standard IV.

8. The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus


The school bus in this application is magical because it takes Ms. Frizzle and her pupils on an aquatic journey that features scientific facts, games, pictures and videos. It is available in two versions for younger and older children.

9. Touch the Crescent

Touch the Crescent


This application contains shapes and stickers along with interactive audio. When a child names a shape incorrectly, the audio says the correct answer and asks the child to repeat the same. It is great application for children to learn shapes.

There are hundreds of smart phone applications available in the market of which only few of the best educational apps for kids have been described above. Try them now!


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