Some of the Best Educational Apps


Here is a sneak preview of some of the best educational apps for those who are fond of learning even they are on the move.

The advancement of technology has led to some huge developments in the field of science, education, infrastructure and much more. The advent of the Smartphone devices has not only made life easier for people but added some extra benefits. The inception of the best educational apps has simplified the process of learning and made it easier for kids as well as adults to grasp things quickly. Over the past few years different companies have come up with different educational apps serving different purposes.

Some of the best educational apps of recent times


This app can be used for different purposes like voice recording, word processing/note taking, capturing photos, sharing work between students and teachers, organize as well as search every note. Among different best educational apps, this app is already a favorite among many people and is available for free and premium version. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Evernote app



This Course Management System also known as Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System helps educators to create online learning sites. The app can be used for a variety of purposes like creating online courses, peer evaluations, student work evaluations, host forums, facilitate student blogs and much more. The opportunities offered by the app are truly vast and it works for both iOS and Android platforms.

Moodle app


MyHomework App

Students can keep proper track of their tests, projects, homework and other assignments by using this really wonderful app. It is possible for users to keep reminders for things that are due, keep track of classes schedule and set priority level. Out of some of the best educational apps, this app definitely stands out with its advanced features. Both iOS and Android platforms support the use of this app.

MyHomework App



With the help of this app, it is possible for teachers, students and parents to collaborate, connect, and share. Groups as well as individual classes can connect separately and securely which appeals a lot to younger groups. This app can be used to collaborate on projects, posting assignments, offering peer feedback, creating student polls and uploading student learning materials. The app can be used in different ways and is perfect for all grade levels as well as subjects.

Edmodo app


Class Dojo

This is truly one of the best educational apps that have quickly gained widespread adoption. It allows teachers to organize their assignments, activities and various other tasks efficiently and with ease. The app can be used as an LMS, monitoring tool depending on the preference of the user. The developers of the app are always in search of new features to add to the application which makes it ideal for educational purpose.

Class Dojo app



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