9 Best Medical Apps for Nursing Students


Listed below are some of the best medical apps for nursing students that will make the life easier for nurses:

1. Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Med-Surg

Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Med-Surg

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This useful app is a one-stop-destination for all medical students. It can give all the necessary information and answer all questions, whether they are hanging out with friends, or in their free-time.

2. Pill Identifier

Pill Identifier

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It lets one look up to a medication by their visible features. Suppose a patient accidentally drops his/her pills and one has no idea what were they. Even the pharmacy can’t replace them as they require the name. In such a scenario, this app is of great help, and can be a “life-saver” to the student.

3. Skyscape Medical Resources

Skyscape Medical Resources

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All the essential tools that a nurse requires are rolled into one in this app. It includes detailed information on prescription drugs, clinical information based on numerous symptoms and disease related topics, a medical calculator, and other important content such as breaking medical news, journal summaries and drug alerts.

4. Pocket Lab Values

Pocket Lab Values

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Its right that lab values comes along with the lab reports these days, but one does not get access to a computer always to know the values. With this app, one can keep themselves up-to-date on such numbers, including lumbar puncture, immunology values and ABG’s.

5. Pocket Body

Pocket Body

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A great app for those nursing students who suffer a lot in memorizing all the muscles and bones’ names. With this app, one can get access to all those complicated names and structures, whether one is on a job or preparing themselves for an important test. It is one of the best medical apps for medical students out there.

6. IDdx-Infectious Disease Queries

IDdx-Infectious Disease Queries

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With this app, one only needs to type-in the symptoms of a disease, and it’ll display the names of all those diseases that contain such symptoms. With more than 250 diseases’ reference, one surely can find help and guidance from this handy app.

7. Critical Care ACLS Guide

Critical Care ACLS Guide

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A great and useful app for any nurse (or nursing students) who works in critical care units such as the ICU. It’s loaded with information related to the ACLS algorithms, along with the rule of 9’s for chest X-Ray, burns and EKG interpretation.

8. Anesthesia Drugs

Anesthesia Drugs

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Whether one is preparing to become an anesthetist or works in the OR, this app will be of great help for calculating the drug dosages. It’s pretty simple as one only needs to enter the weight and it’ll give the proper dose for a great variety of anesthesia drugs.

9. Heart Murmur Pro

Heart Murmur Pro

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Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult with the stethoscope when one tries to listen to important sound of the heart. This handy app brings in a collection of a great number of uncommon and common heart sounds, which will enable one to identify them easily.


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