5 Best Menstruation Apps a Woman Can Use


Every woman in this world has to go through the menstrual cycle which usually lasts from three to seven days. Even though the average duration of menstrual cycle is twenty eight days but there are lots of women who have irregular periods. The period from one menstrual cycle to the other might vary and that is when one of the best menstruation apps mentioned below might prove extremely handy:

1. Period Tracker Lite

Period Tracker Lite

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This is a free menstruation app which allows users to maintain daily logs of when they are intimate, PMS symptoms and their moods. With the help of the average of past 3 menstrual cycles, the app can predict starting date of next period. Apart from that, it also alarms the users of when they are ovulating and fertile. The app comes with a lovely design and is available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone absolutely for free.

2. Period Planner Lite

Period Planner Lite

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This is a period calendar app and perfectly suitable for every woman. Apart from tracking the next period date, the app informs the user of ovulating and most fertile time. Pregnancy symptoms are easy to keep record of with this wonderful app. The app comes with password protection which helps the users to maintain their secrets in a secure and easy manner.

3. Monthly Cycles – Period calendar

Monthly Cycles – Period calendar

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This is one of the best menstruation apps available in the market and comes with six different themes. It is possible to keep record of fertile days along with menstrual cycles easily with the help of this app. Different PMS symptoms like headaches, cramps, tender breasts, acne, etc., can be conveniently tracked with this application. Exporting data by using the email option is possible by using this app and is available at a small price of $ 1.99.

4. Period Diary Pro – Menstrual calendar

Period Diary Pro – Menstrual calendar

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The app comes with a creative floral design which every woman would love. The app allows the user to keep record of most fertile days, period, PMS symptoms, ovulation, weight and many more things. There are several types of skins available with the app and syncing with Google calendar is also possible. The striking feature of this app is the availability of social forum, a pregnancy mode and graphical display of periods.

5. Period and Fertility Tracker

Period and Fertility Tracker

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This is one of the best menstruation apps especially for women looking forward to conceiving. With the assistance of this app, women can easily get an idea about the beginning date of their periods along with the time when they are most fertile. The app offers the users with essential tips on pregnancy that helps them work towards their goal. The app is available for free and quite nifty.


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