Best Pregnancy Apps Compatible With iPhone and Android 2013


There are numerous pregnancy apps available on mobiles to track your pregnancy. They will track your baby’s development record and how your baby grows by capturing detailed images. These apps also give you the full information, advices and tips for you. These are for fun and don’t rely on pregnancy apps without consulting your midwife or doctor. Here are some best pregnancy apps.



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It is an iPhone and iPad app. This is the most stunning appin providing detailed imagesfor each week of pregnancy. It gives the 3D images with detailed information from the womb. You can hear the heartbeat of your baby. It is a free app with a calendar that can be customized according to your due date, baby’s name and gender.

Period tracker:

This app is free for iPhone and android mobiles.This app tracks your ovulation cycles and periods every month with just pressing a button on your mobile. The period tracker also tracks your moods and symptoms like body aches, acne and cramps by date.

Period tracker iphone

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Peaceful nursery:

ThisiPhoneapp helps you in providing shopping list to eco-friendly nursery. Peaceful nursery app also gives you information about organic cotton crib sheets, organic cotton matters and other. This app also gives information and tips on how to give a healthier home to your baby.

Peaceful nursery

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iBirthwillassistyou as trustworthy and graceful source when you are about to deliver your baby. This app has come up with free version as well as full version called contraction Timer Plus. This full version app gives you videos to prepare for labor. This app is suitable for Andriod devices, iPhone, and iPad.


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Fertility friend mobile:

Fertility friend mobile is very helpful and convenient companion for women who are expecting pregnancy. This helps you to monitor your fertility, period and ovulation days. It offers various educational resources to give you the knowledge you need to feel, confident and empowered. It is free for iPhone and Android devices.

Fertility friend mobile

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This app helps you to track your frequency and timing of contractions. Just keep icontraction with you when you are approaching your due date. You could track, countdown your due date and even email those track records to your physician. This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad touch.


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My Baby’s beat:

With this app you can record your baby’s heartbeat. Just keep your phone close to your belly and listen his or her heartbeat and record it. To get better sound qualities follow the instructions. When you hold your phone close to abdomen, turn your phone to airplane mode in order to avoid transmission of internet waves. It is compatible with iPhone.

My Baby’s beat

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Foods to avoid when pregnant:

Pregnancy is a challenge especially in terms of food or shopping. You have to plan your diet daily in respect of calories. Make your menu as easy as fast and simple check of your iPhone. The Food to avoid when pregnant app can clearly categorizes drinks and foods by type. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Foods to avoid when pregnant

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It is free from iTunes. Baby bump pregnancy app gives you what symptoms you are feeling and when. This app helps you to connect with community message boards which offer group discussions on each and every topic.


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Kindara fertility:

This app helps you to track your menstrual and ovulation cycles. It also helps you to record your body’s temperature because body temperature tends to rise a bit during ovulating and also OPK results, moods, pain levels and spotting.

Kindara fertility

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