5 Different Blog Analytics Apps


Although, when it comes to blog analytics apps people mainly depend on Google Analytics to take care of the analytical needs but there are some other apps which are considered to be the perfect alternative to Google Analytics. The drawback faced with Google Analytics is the fact that there is no other app available for an iOS device. With the advancement of technology, developers are coming up with different analytical apps to make the job easier for people. Here is a list of some of the blog analytics apps of recent times:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics


This is one of those blog analytics apps which have gained immense popularity among its users. The app plugs into the Google Analytics account and comes up with the numbers in an easy to understand format for the users. There is no doubt about the fact that this app is one of the best apps available presently. The app can be used in an Android device and it is possible for users to compare the reports.

2. iDashboard



The iDashboard app is available for iPads and iPhones. Although the app is not robust and big but certainly comes with some extremely useful features. The key performance indicators of the website are offered to the user in a clear manner and update of analytics happen in real time. The page views, unique visitors and visitors are shown on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. The app is available absolutely for free.

3. mAnalytics



Among the several blog analytics apps, the mAnalytics app helps users to get the statistics of their websites on Android devices. The user needs to securely login to Android account to get the reports. The app has an intuitive and simple user interface which is extremely easy to work with. The app offers the users with daily statistics for visitors, traffic sources, visits and content.

4. Mint



There are lots of people who prefer the Mint app over Google Analytics as it offers the users with enhanced control. This is a self-hosted app and comes with real time tracking. The best part about this is the interface it offers which is clean, and easy to navigate and read. The price of the app is $30 per website, and has been developed for iPhone devices.

5. Clicky



The Clicky app comes with a host of features which include real time tracking, website widgets, mobile apps, plug-ins and lots more. The app offers price plans to the users to suit their budget and needs. The interface of the app is quite attractive and certainly easy to work with. The app comes with WordPress plug-in and certainly is fit for different types of requirements.


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