Clubbing the Entire World in Names with the Call My Name App


The world is all about numbers. It is the number game that dominates every human being living in this world. It could be numbers in the workplace, numbers up in the sales chart, numbers in the performance ratings and even numbers dominating the mobile phones. The numbers have become the part and parcel of the human mind, ruling every second of his life. But innovations always come with surprises. Each technological innovation brings in a truckload of style, flexibility, convenience, ‘compatibility and increased levels of ‘trend’ parameters. The iPhone has finally sprung with a new innovation of connecting to people through their names itself with the new Call My Name App.

It is indeed unimaginable to visualize a world with the number game’. The newest innovation of ‘name’ dominated iPhones has set the technological market on ‘demand and curiosity’ fire. It is a true fact, that people find it challenging to remember the numbers on the spur of the moment. People also tend to goof up numbers, when they have to be remembered during emergency situations. During such instances, only names pop up in the mind.

Call My Name App

What’s in a name in Call my name app?

Android phones have set the revolution ball rolling once again, with the most interesting technological innovation in their kitty called the ‘Call My Name App’. This app simply does not force the mind to memorize challenging numbers. Just a simple name is enough for this app to create wonders in the communication world. Instead of relying on phone numbers, this app connects people and businesses through interesting names, which can never be forgotten or erased from the human mind. These names can be chosen are preferred by the iPhone users. This app especially caters to the forgetful minds of users, to help them to divert their memory from numbers to names.

Interesting details and benefits of the Call My Name App

Call My Name App puts an end to the mental turmoil of registering never ending numbers by the human mind. This concept, gives you the opportunity to gladly forget numbers, and type in call names of businesses, clients, or acquaintances, which need to be contacted. The names can be ‘choice centric’ as per the preferences of the individuals. Often phone numbers change without any intimation. Hence one need not worry about the existing numbers; instead all they need to do is to focus on the names on their contact list. This app also helps the user in acquiring the social and business profile of their contacts only using their names as the pathway. Email and SMS facilities can also be availed only through names.

Lengthy, complicate URLs can be erased out completely, as this app facilitates flexible surfing of contact oriented websites in a smooth and ‘memorable’ way. This new Call My Name App also gifts you your very own catchy personal call name, which will be showcased to the world, for contacting purposes. Friends and colleagues can also be grouped in whacky names that are easier and funnier to remember for a lifetime.


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