5 Top Call Recorder Apps


Smartphones have become the latest craze in the world of technology and development. With the inception of smartphones, there has been a huge rise in the number of applications being developed to make several tasks easier and faster. Call recording is an important feature of these smartphones and there are plenty of call recorder apps available in the market to help you with the task. Here is a list of the most common call recording apps available nowadays:

1. Auto Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder


This is a free app for Android devices and it helps in recording every phone call automatically in different formats like 3GP, ANR and WAV formats. The user can preset the calls which need to be recorded. Call recording is possible only for those numbers which do not exist in the contact list. The recorded files can be shared on social media websites.

2. Record My Call

Record My Call


Among the different call recorder apps, this one is certainly handy for Android devices. The speaker of the device can be used for recording better quality outgoing and incoming calls. The developers of this app have specially designed this app for speaker phones as every conversation taking place on the speaker can be recorded with ease. The conversations are saved under Record My Call option in the memory card.

3. Audio Memos

Audio Memos


This is a feature rich app for the iPhone platform and comes with some excellent features. After the completion of the voice recording, the users can add markers, combine multiple recordings and even add a new recording inside an existing recorded file. The recordings can be shared through e-mail and can also be transferred via Wi-Fi using FTP or WebDAV. The app comes with an introductory video which helps users to understand the basic features of the app.

4. QuickVoice Pro

QuickVoice Pro


Among the different call recorder apps, the QuickVoice Pro is certainly worth mentioning, simply because of its wonderful features. Any recording can be e-mailed as a ringtone. Apart from that, the recordings can be e-mailed in the form of text which is certainly a unique feature. However, the only drawback is that the recordings have a maximum duration of thirty seconds. The application is available at a price of $3.

5. DropVox



This is app is definitely the choice of most people as once the recording is over, it gets stored in the Dropbox. However, this app comes as a handy application only for those people who use the Dropbox feature of their smartphones. People who want to record something and send it to their computer will find this app extremely useful and beneficial. The quality of recording is of extremely high standards.


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