5 Card Games Apps to Pass Your Leisure Time


The best card games apps bring out the sense of competitiveness and excitement within us. And they can be played both on the tablet deck and on the mobile devices as well. From riverboat casinos and western saloons to the Las Vegas’ gamble tables, card games have been popular for ages. These have found shelter even in our drawing-rooms as well. And with the advent rise in the sales of smartphone devices, one can surely say that these card games apps are here to conquer and give us company in a boring bus/train journey or whenever one feels a bit lonely.

With the advancement in technology, the virtual world is the playground these days. Those card tables and games have changed their form and size but not their look and feel. Listed below are some of the very best card games apps out there in Android platform, and which one should download immediately:

1. 250+ Solitaire Collection

As the name suggest, it surely does offer more than 250 titles. It can be a fascinating addition for those who are a huge solitaire fan. The package comes with well-known solitaire based games such as Canfield, FreeCell and Klondike among others. And also the developers have engraved the app with rules and regulations of the various titles and also demonstration of how each and every title needs to be played. The icing on the cake is – it’s absolutely FREE!

card games apps

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2. Live Hold’em Poker Pro

If one is feeling too lonely to play solitaire all by himself, one can always get the option of playing multi-player games with live players and this one is the best out there. Created to bring all the die-hard poker fans out there in one table, this app supports 6 languages and features live-chat and creating personal avatars to take the entire social experience to a new level. It comes with a range of gaming modes and is free of cost.

Live Hold em Poker Pro App

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3. Blackjack Attack

This one is fast paced and is a modern day take on the classic blackjack. This fun and challenging game offers one to play 3-5 stack attacks, incorporating varying difficulty levels across different modes.

Blackjack Attack App

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4. Gin Rummy Multiplayer Online

A more contemporary version of the classic rummy, this one comes in multi-player option and with added features like chats, tournaments, global ranking and more. One can get a more reality feel with additional features such as detailed player stats, true random shuffle and a balanced scoring system.

Gin Rummy Multiplayer Online App

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5. Phase Out

A lot rummy-like in game-play, it’s more fun-filled and strategic and the aim is to successfully play through a number of stages by abiding with each individual requirement to phase out the opponents. And the best thing is that no internet connection is required to play multiplayer, as it features the popular Pass-and-Play option.

Phase Out App

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