COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Apps Around the World


As the world is battling with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, efforts are being made by different countries to control the spread of this disease. One such solution is through contact tracing apps, which would alert the users when they come in close proximity with those infected. With the recent launch of Apple and Google tech giant’s contact tracing technology, many nations are already in the plan of adopting this useful tool into their own mobile apps.

Latvia is preparing to release Stop Covid app, using the technology developed by Apple and Google for tracking infections. Switzerland’s SwissCovid app also uses Apple and Google’s API to test their version of contact-tracing mobile app. Selected list of agencies are testing out SwissCovid app first and it’s official public release is being planned in June. Australia’s CovidSafe is not finding support of the users and the the public has been debating over its technical issues.

Aarogya Setu Mobile App

India’s Arroyo Setu app is not compatible with the functionality of Apple and Google. Since Apple and Google’s technology stresses on preserving the privacy of the individuals and Aarogya Setu uses location tracking feature to trace the infections, the two cannot go together. Aarogya Setu’s code is going to be open-source and the government will offer cash to the experts who report bugs.

France’s StopCovid app is not using the technology of Apple and Google and instead relies on ROBERT, a centralised standard for contact-tracing. Even though its controversial, the app is set to release and will also go open-sourced to keep a check on bugs. Qatar uses EHTERAZ, a mandatory app for tracing contacts. China uses QR codes to track health through their mobile apps Alipay and WeChat.